NAHB International Builder's Show

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Good Morning BiggerPockets community!

Are any real estate professionals making the venture to the NAHB International Builder's Show this January in Orlando, FL? 

If so, what are you hoping to achieve through attending? Education, networking, motivation?

I am interested to see how many investors/professionals are going to attend!


@Ethen Weaver Hey Ethen, only considering it is in my backyard I am intending on going. I attempt to make it to all events like these because they are great for both networking and education to better grow our investing business with the latest products, designs, and trends to get flips sold faster because new construction for my area is often direct competition for rehabbing.

My bosses are making the trip down to Orlando for it as well and at the same time I will be working the booth at our own local Home Expo so I am very excited. 

What other similar events have you been to this year?

@Ethen Weaver

I only saw your post reply because I have keyword alert set up for Florida, use @ to mention someone so the receive notice for a reply! 

the most interesting one I recently went to was a smart home expo which had all the latest things coming to retail markets in the next ten years. it was amazing and GE has a smart Island for your kitchen that is just out of this world. its something you would see in the Jetsons cartoon.In my area there is something going on every other week. Sometimes its local sometimes national

@Mark Webb thank you for the advise on the mentioning, I tried to do it earlier but I was doing it wrong haha. 

That smart island sounds awesome, I will have to mention that to my bosses so they can keep their eye out for it!

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