How do I finance buying land and building a fourplex?

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I'm interested in house hacking. In my area, it is cheaper to build than to buy, and there aren't that many houses to buy to begin with, because it's a small town. So, I'm interested in buying land, building a fourplex, and living in one of the units. How do I finance this? 

I looked into FHA, but they say that constuction-to-perm is only for single family homes. USDA is also only for single family homes. Do I really have to cough up the 20% down payment to do this? Or are there other options with a low downpayment?

@Ellie NA  For multifamily it is doubtful that you can find any low down payment construction loans.  Banks see construction loans as very risky, thus the high down payment requirements.  If you have limited fund for a down payment, buying an existing multifamily (2-4 units) is really your only option.

To address your question about how to finance it, you would need a construction loan.  This construction loan can roll the land into the loan or you can purchase the land separately and use the construction loan for just the build.  Generally banks will want 20-25% of the total project costs as a down payment or equity (if you are bring the land to the deal).  Your best bet for construction loans would be smaller local banks.

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