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I'm developing a couple acres in a great location and building 6 duplexes on it.  I've done some google searches but haven't come up with anything I like.  Anyone with experience finding good plans vs paying an architect for a custom design would be much appreciated.

Aaron Farr, Real Estate Agent in Washington (#129097)

We are in a similar situation, looking to build duplex-6plex and researching plans. Do you have to meet certain requirements for the development? (minimum size/ stone facade/allowed building materials?) These are the sites that I have found plans that we are looking at. What kind of style are you hoping to build? West coast/modern/traditional? Let's keep each other in the loop as we continue our search!

Thank you for the links, Tiffany!  There are not any requirements on the style or size of the duplexes where I am building them.  I plan to target the 55+ community so I would like them to be a one level rancher with ADA sized doorways etc.  Size would be in the 1200-1500 sq ft range.  Trying to decide if I should do a 3/2 or 2/2.  Based on the width of each lot it's looking like I can only do one car garages.  Not sure if this is a big deal or not..

Aaron Farr, Real Estate Agent in Washington (#129097)

We are focusing on same target! Our parents, (and their friends) are all down sizing, and having trouble finding quality housing that has a good layout, energy efficient, and one level.  We are hoping to build to fill that niche! 

If you decide to consider single family, the drummond site has a filter that's titled "baby boomer plans"- we must not be the only ones with this idea ;) Perhaps looking at those designs for inspiration, then choosing a duplex that mimics the plans. 

We are actually targeting  the same concept, but for our generation (in our 30's) that want to live a minimalist lifestyle. Many are over the the huge SF homes. They want a good design, small, and easy to manage so they can travel and do the things they want in life (not just tied to a giant mortgage & spending time taking care of their house). 

Duplexes are a good investment how ever you may consider multi-level and get more per square foot of value from the land. Even if you find plans for your project, you may still need to have them engineered. If you want to design your own, get Punch Software Architect Pro. Its about $300 but you can design it however you want.

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