Flat roof- EPDM RUBBER ROOF or Modified Bitumen?

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Hi BP Community,  I just purchased a foreclosure in Walton, Upstate NY as a getaway from NYC and while I knew the roof needed to be fixed, I just found out that some areas of the roof need to be entirely replaced as they have a very low pitch and currently have shingles (Not sure why they did that in the first place).  This is all new to me, so I am learning as I go.   My question is - Do I go for the EPDM rubber roof or the GAF self-adhesive Modified Bitumen roof option? So far I got two contractors and one prefers rubber and the other mod bit. Both seem to make compelling arguments, so it's hard to make a decision and the more I research online the more confused I am since I have found articles and videos suggesting one over the other.    I would REALLY appreciate some feedback as I have NO CLUE.   Thanks!  Leandro 

Base your roofing choice on the roofing contractors/manufacturer's warranty. 

What are the two different contractors offering? If you are doing a rip off and re-roof you should be looking at a 10 year minimum, some higher end products will give you 30 years with a certified installer. 

If you are going to be into this property for a VERY long look into the steel roofs those will be even longer warranties and I'm a fan of the way they look. 

EPDM is usually more of a commercial product. I would look up the product they are providing and read the manufacturers installation instructions for yourself. Those informational sheets will provide more insight and might trigger some things you know about your house that the contractor does not.

For example, maybe the mod bit only works on slopes down to 1/2" : 12 pitches with the EPDM can go down to 1/4" : 12. Look for little clues there.

Otherwise, as stated earlier both products have pros and cons and its all about install and finish details.