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What's the best way to Market high end acreage?? There has to be a better way to reach prospects instead of just MLS.


Here is the tricky issue. People that look for real estate in a certain area are either in that area or look for websites featuring listings from that area.

The real estate websites are all powered by their respective Board of Realtors MLS feeds.

So even if you have website ranking first for a competitive search term (Aspen Real Estate, if your property was in Aspen) you would still miss out on the 100's of website from local real estate agents that could feature your listings.

If the project is big enough it could work to just focus on web advertising with pay-per-clicks on the major search engines. Otherwise seeking the help of a real estate agent might not be the worst of things.

Just make sure you are clear what you are getting in return for your commission. Marketing package, website etc etc

Civil Engineers and Surveyors can be an often overlooked resource. These two groups can be as familiar with the large stuff in an area as any realtor. They often work on a lot of projects that never actually happen and end up seeing land that isn't listed for sale but was under contract at one time.

The developer will end up dealing with these peopel anyway so it isn't wasted effort to get in touch with them now and see what they know.

CEs and Surveyors also know the big developers in the area. As a civil engineer myself, I have clients that are constantly asking me if I know of any land that is available.

If you called me up and told me you had a large tract of land that you wanted to sell I wouldn't just give you a list of my clients. But I would get you to email or fax over some information and then I would pass it on. It is in my best interest to do so because if one of my client buy your land that is more civil engineering work for me.

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