Real estate design and development

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I'm very interested in real estate design and development and was looking for some advice regarding an entry point. I have been exploring the idea of going back to school for architecture and/or real estate design, but was hoping to get into the field without having to go back to school. If there is anyone in the field that would be willing to connect and discuss how they began or provide any advice on how I might be able to get started with just a health sciences degree and 3+ years of direct sales experience, I would greatly appreciate any help.



I think you'd need a heck of a good mentor, Tim. I went through a Masters Degree myself but it requires an architecture background. 

You probably know that there's a notion in Architecture that architects should be broadly experienced and diversely skilled. That's why a 3 year Masters of Architecture exists for those with undergraduate degrees in other fields. I started in one of these myself but always had my mind on a program across town at Woodbury University called a Masters of Real Estate Development for Architects. Half way through my M.Arch I applied to that program on a whim and was accepted. The program requires you to have a formal architecture degree but they'll make exceptions based on experience. 

Good luck to you.