Infrustructure in place on vacant land

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Hello BP community, I have a question about infrastructure. I came across a parcel of land that was intended for a subdivision. It has the road cut(unpaved), a house that 80% completed, and all of the infrastructure completed. This was done around 2008, and in 2013 an appraisal was done and they deemed the infrastructure to be in good shape. The question is would it still be in tact 5 years later, or would you have to redo the infrastructure. Any advice is gladly appreciated, I am new to the development and new construction aspect of real estate.


@Shaun Mc

In principle, the infrastructure should still be fine.  A couple things to consider:

  • The infrastructure was designed to support a specific development (number of parcels, certain square footage and/or water consumption).  So if your plans differ significantly from what it was originally planned the infrastructure will need to be modified.
  • You should asses the current condition, you can hire a civil engineer to go out and take a look at the pipes, stub out locations, grading, etc. Things could have happened (say a hurricane or flooding) could have caused damage.  Also, you would not know the quality of work the contractor performed ten (10) years ago.