Container homes apartment in Berkeley

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Im seeing more and more of these now and really believe in it potential

Thank Nathan for your question,

I have been helping out with few containers home projects and see the trend getting more and more popular (at least I have a lot more questions regarding this year). I just want to share the post here to see if anyone interested as well, especially in Seattle areas where I know there is a huge need for affordable housing. The article doesn't talk about the details of the cost of customized container home, but since I have a direct relationship with the container manufacturing company in Vietnam which has done a lot of this type of project, I know the number is low and make a lot of sense. 

Thank Josh! I'm sorry for using the wrong technical term. The projects I've worked with didn't use used containers and turn them into the home either but built from the ground up. They mostly use the same standard container size (20'x8' or 40'x8') to keep the shipping cost low. The homes were built 90% in the factory and just ship to the US to finish all the last steps of installation.