How do I find and properly vet an Architect in my area?

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I'd like to explore building a STR on a lot I own near Canyon Lake in Texas and have a good example from another house I found online to mimic. I'd like to know how I go about finding an architect to help draft the plans? Also, what are the typical costs involved? This will be a 1,200 sq ft SFH if it helps any. Thanks!

Hi Larry - Start here, with the American Institute of Architects chapter in Austin. They provide some good resources on what to look for and how to seek them out.

@Account Closed on utilizing the website to find a good architect for your area. Please be advised, your architect is going to do far more than just draft plans. Using their knowledge and expertise, you'll make the house efficiently designed as well as tackle any zoning and permitting issues which may arise going from design to start construction.   

Note: AIA is a membership organization by simply paying a fee to join.  This is a great place to start your search.  I agree with the others as well.