Subdividing my Lot and Need Help

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Just bought some land in East Austin and am currently rehabbing the home that was already on the land. Looking to subdivide the backyard of the property into a flag subdivided lot. The land is half an acre, so no issues with minimum lot sizes. If anyone can either assist or know someone who can assist in completing a subdivision in the Austin area, please leave a comment with details.

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Don't know Austin but you should be looking for an experienced land surveyor. Ask him specifically if he's done lot splits before and what the process is. This info should be available on the planning department website. Read it so you have an idea for your self before you talk with him. This will help you vet your land survryor. Get at least three bids and ask them the same questions. See how each of them answer. 

@Nicolas Thatcher Try Celco Surveying. Eddie Lucas. I have used him before on similar project. They are creative and fairly reasonably priced. Let me know if that doesn't work. 

After speaking with Michelle at the DAC on Barton Springs, I have decided against sub-dividing my lot and simply build and ADU in the back and condo-convert it. The total costs for subdivision would require $30k-$50k with about $15k being city fees. (These have gone up from last year) Additionally, since the property frontage is within the 100-year floodplain, there is a change that the city could reject my proposal for a flag lot. It is because of these potential risks that we have decided to move forward with the ADU method.

Luckily for us, we have roughly 21,800 sqft. of land, which give us more than enough space to building a garage and multiple covered patios in addition to the 1,100 sqft. max ADU. Our strategy will now be to utilize the outdoor space as efficiently as possible, including adding a raised garden bed for growing produce and plenty of shaded landscaping areas.

@Nicolas Thatcher Purely a personal preference, but you might want to just keep the ADU as an ADU, non condo. Most buyers are a bit squirrelly about buying a "condo" with just one other condo/neighbor......could be a problematic relationship.

@Wayne Brooks - There is a strong increase in condo converted land in Austin at the moment. Most of these lots have two newly built units crammed on roughly 7,000 sqft. Because we are working with a much larger lot, we have the opportunity to create a non-traditional ADU, which will likely fetch a higher price than the comps in the neighborhood.

Additionally, the area where the lot is located has exceptional demand from young professionals, who have different expectations then say your older generations.  

@Nicolas Thatcher I think you are making the right choice with condo conversion and they are fairly common now in central and east Austin. I’ve had several clients buy A and B units. I’d love info about the units when you have the project complete!