Cost of new construction for triplex in Orlando

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What is the cost of new construction if the units for a triplex or quadraplex — 2 bed/ 2 bath with 1 car garage consisting of 1,000 sq ft with standard builder fixtures and appliances? 

It's worth noting that Pinellas Co. has similar costs as Orlando metro but might be a bit higher exclusively due to Gulf Coast Pinellas Co. being more hurricane prone than further inland Orange Co. That variable is outside the area of my expertise.

@Cristian Aviles-Morales it is probably also worth mentioning that number will probably increase in the near future.  It is common that all trades are charging more at least in South Florida due to the market doing so well.  The amount of developments are skyrocketing in the Tampa and surrounding area which causes smaller trades to want to go after the bigger projects and not the 1000 SF small remodels and single family construction.  It is crazy and it will probably get crazier.  

@Laura Lewis hi Laura, I am very familiar with building here in Orlando. I am a building contractor building my own new construction rental homes and I can assure you the prices are nowhere near $250/ft. They are closer to 25-30% of that... depending on finishes of course. But a concrete block construction rental property shouldn’t cost more than $80/ft to build with some moderately nice and modern finishes.