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Whats the real cost to install HVAC

Posted May 1 2019, 23:17

Trying to figure out the “real” cost of installing a new central AC unit and replace existing old furnace.

This is in San Jose, CA

Home is 1600 sq ft - 2 story

Got quotes that range from 8.5k to 15k

I guess the need is a 3.5 ton compressor and a 2 stage energy efficient furnace. Doesn’t sound too complicated. All ducts and electrical are in place

My budget is around 6k

Please help me get an idea of cost, best brands or share referrals for HVAC contractors.

A bit of research shows that the equipment needed including compressor, furnace, tubes, etc comes to around 3k. So why do theses HVAC contractors charging more than 8k for parts and installation?

Am I missing something ?

Thanks in advance

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