Resources for Land development

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I am an agent and real estate investor. I own a fair amount for rental property (both single family and a couple small apartment buildings). I also flip homes. My agency / sales business is essentially comprised of a couple of home builders both of which are close friends.

I want to get into the development of tracts of land as my team is perfectly set up to pre-sell new construction homes, and I have access to capital both personally and with private lending. Looking for any advice from experienced land developers on how to enter this space. Having worked with my builders over the yrs on minor subdivisions I have some, albeit limited experience. And would love any thoughts on education, resources, books, or just general do’s and don’t’s


@Jonathan Beasley I would be happy to to discuss With you. I am from Virginia Beach and was born in Portsmouth Naval Hospital. My whole family is from the area so I know it very well. Feel free to reach out directly I would love to help you.

I would start by finding a local civil engineer that has a really good reputation in the community. You can look at city council agendas to see what firms are being hired repeatedly And have good relationships with the city. They can offer lots of help when it comes to due diligence and entitlements.

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