1.2 acre need an advice

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Good evening

I have a 2100 sqf old house seating in a 1.2 acres

I went to the city and see if I can split it and they said yes I can split it in 3 lots and also the city give me a plans for how would be divided

So I need an advice on what to do with this property

Thanks you in advance

@Esteban Sequeira it all depends on your cost basis in the property, what the demand in the area is and how the property splits and what your goals are.

You could build three houses and sell or rent, build attached units or commercial. Renovate the existing home and sell it. Lots of options

@Greg Dickerson hi there thanks for the advice

I have renovate the upstairs and I use the downstairs to run my business out of it

The market it’s good there and it is in a residential location I can’t change it to commercial

The houses there go around 240k and some are selling for 310 k near by

So I’m debating on what to do