Advice on raw land development?

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Dear Forum Peeps,

Does anybody out there have experience/knowledge about developing raw land for water and electrical hookups for a tiny house (or tiny houses)?  I want to learn about the logistics of the actual work, as well as the permitting process and requirements in Oklahoma City.  Thanks!!

Check with the city and local utility company. Zoning will be your first hurdle then getting Utilites and roadways to your land depending where all the main service lines are. So many different variables to developing before you even break ground. 

Thanks for the replies, everyone!

I haven't bought any land yet.  Still in the idea phase.  But I would most likely buy in the city limits in an area that already has utilities and plumbing infrastructure on adjacent properties.

@Randy Stark Hey Randy! I would urge you to be exceedingly careful with the location in the city. Oklahoma City is very non-homogeneous and in that way it is quite unique. There is nearly no such thing as “the good part of town” and there are pockets within each part of town that have spikes and dips in value. Having a local resource that can guide you through that process and understands the rental, construction, and sale process is invaluable.

Good luck on the journey! I’m here for any questions you may have.

I'd recommend talking to a good civil engineer that is familiar with the local subdivision guidelines. He/She would be able to discuss utilities/platting, and as stated above, a rezoning may be required.