What to do with an acre of land that I can't put units on?

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I bought a 5-unit apt building 2 years ago. It's sitting on about 2 acres and I was looking forward to building more housing on the property (another apt building or townhouses). I finally stopped in to the town building office last week and they said that I can't build any more units. The land is zoned R1 and is considered "non-conforming" because it was there/built before the zoning rules were put in place. So what can I do with all this land? I don't want to have to maintain huge fields and I'd like to make some money on the land if possible. 

Can you get a variance?

Can you subdivide and build on the separated lot(s).

Can you sell to a neighbor?

If not, perhaps amenities for the apartment?  Grill area. Dog park. Playground.

Try to get the land re-zoned to bring it into conformance. If that doesn't work you can subdivide it and sell the lot to someone who may want to build a single family home, which would fit the R1 zoning.