Sound Proofing Rental Units

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My tenants are having noise problems with each other. Does anybody have good sound-proofing strategies for new construction and or existing structures?

If so, what are some of the products that you use and how well do they work?

@John Duncan Is this a real issue or is this just drama?  If drama, tell them if it is loud enough to call the cops then do that and if not then deal with it or go buy a house in the country  (you can say that nicer, or not.)  They need to stop tattling.

@John Duncan If you're looking for a cheap option, not sure there is one. Otherwise, depending if they are side by side or up/down units, spray foam insulation (high grade purple stuff) is very good at sound proofing or using resilient channels with soundproof drywall and Roxul is good.

Here's an in-depth site I found: