What are your experiences with build.com?

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I'm at the trim phase on four specs right now and have been considering adding some new suppliers for lighting fixtures and plumbing trim. For years I have used local suppliers, and have been generally pleased. But recent price increases have forced me to consider other options. The big box stores are an option, but my past experiences had shown them to provide about the same prices as my existing suppliers.

I ran across the build.com site this morning, and it looks interesting. If you have had experiences with build.com, please let me know your thoughts in terms of pricing, service, and overall customer experience.

Thanks in advance! Rogers

I have probably bought 100k of stuff through build.com in the last year. If you want me to set you up with my rep let me know.  I use them for fixtures mainly, and have gotten great support. 

my pricing is great too. They are owned by Ferguson, so it's a very big company.

Thank you @Danny Kay . It's interesting that they are owned by Ferguson. I've used Ferguson and Southern Pipe for my plumbing fixtures for years. I'm going to poke around a bit and get a feel for it. I appreciate your connecting me with your rep.