Not sure what to do!

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Hey guys,

I am very confused about what to do in regards to where/what to live in within the next few years. I'm 18 so I've only got a little while to start planning, deciding, and saving money to do something. I've always like being different and not doing things like everyone else does which is where this all sets in.

Right now I own 2 acres of land in Minnesota that I bought myself in November. If I decide to stay in Minnesota I'm almost certain I'll build something on my two acres, but the question is: what would I build? So far I've had a few different ideas:

  • Underground house - there's a small hill on my two acres that would be perfect to dig into, lay some bricks, and put a house there where the only thing exposed to the outside is the door.

  • Deer stand? Another idea I had was to take four heavy-duty greentreated beams, erect them into the ground, and build a small 8'x10' structure on top of them that I could live in.

  • Wooden shed - you know how you can buy those wood shed kits (like this) at Menards, Home Depot, etc.? They come all pre-hung and ready to assemble, with some minor altercations I'm sure you could turn it into a sturdy miniature house.

  • Shack - the last, and probably most normal idea I've had is just to build a small shack on my land, something probably 8'x8' or 8'x10' built in a very simple manner.[/list:u]
  • But then there's also the possibility that I might move to a different state. I've always had some other weird ideas going on in my head. Like I was thinking about buying an old/dilapidated one-room schoolhouse or an old turn-of-the-century church and fixing it up to become my house. Not only would I have a well-built and nice looking home, but I'd also be saving the past since so many morons just bulldoze that stuff down nowadays showing no care about the past.

    I also had the idea of moving out to a place like South Dakota where they have those old ghost towns, and maybe buying an old fixer-upper building in a ghost town and restoring. I'm a big history-buff and I like the "old west" stuff, not only that but I don't think neighbors would be too big of an issue.

    If you're an everyday mainstream person, then my entire message probably made absolutely no sense and sounded utterly stupid. I know my ideas for a future home are weird, bizarre, etc. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to make sure when I had my own home that it would be different from what anyone else might have. Keep in mind the majority of these ideas for a future home I've had in my head for years, so the likelihood of me NOT doing one of those things for my first house are very very slim.

    With all of that being said, any opinions/advice/recommendations on my ideas?



    You might be the perfect candidate for a dome home:

    I can't find the other site I had seen once that focused on building the dome yourself.

    Do what will make you happy man, don't ever let someone else tell you your dreams are stupid.

    You could also look into the steel buildings, kind of like warehouse style -

    I feel that far too many people do the 'mainstream' thing not because it makes them happy but because its what everyone tells them they should do.

    Just remember that what you want to do now may change as you get older.

    Best of luck to you with whatever you decide upon.