0.21 Acre in East Austin need to subdivde

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I want to subdivide a lot I have in Austin. It is 0.21 acre (approx 60 by 151). Alley on the side is 15 f. I want to sub divide the lot and sell the lot at the back. Are there restrictions on how big the lot has to be? By my math it will be approx 4500 sq/ft. (60 by 75). Any experience or insights are welcome.

 I do not think you will be able to legally subdivide this lot.  Even if your new lots are big enough, the back lot will not have street frontage which will make it untenable.

A common workaround is to set up a condo regime and build two SFR's. They can be sold separately to two different buyers.

 What street is this on?   Or at least what ZIP Code?