Ideas for Raw Vacant Land

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If you guys read my first post or my bio, you know I purchased 25 acres of land that I plan on developing. I am curious of what ideas we can come up with for the land before I start developing it. Farm it out? Lease to hunters for hunting season? I am interested to hear every idea! Developing is several years off (unless I find an investor willing to find a whole development like that). I have not sought out investors to start developing yet because I am unsure of where to start yet and I do not have an actual plan to present to able investors. There is just more research I need to do before I start looking for serious investors, or maybe I’m wrong. It’s all a learning process, either way, I would love to hear ideas to make the vacant land start producing a little cash flow to aid in paying off the land sooner!

Wedding venue, paintball course, obstacle course (think Tough Mudder), campe site,  trailer park plots, etc. Just a few that came to mind. Some of these would take some initial capital of course. Good luck! 

Where is it? Is the property wooded? I am an aspiring real estate investor but my day job is I am an agronomist and I could help you out if you want to lease it to farmers. 

What is the zoning for this land? I am always inclined to build singe-family new construction, but that is my niche. You can do a lot with 25 acres depending on zoning and location.