Developing lots in Austin, TX

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I am reaching out to see who all is currently developing new construction homes and or duplexes in Austin, TX. I have a 9100 sqft lot in the heart of South Austin, that partially sits in the 500 year floodplain, according to Austin FloodPro. I am aware of Atlas 14 and all of the other challenges that come with developing within flood zones. Ultimately, I would like to talk with any and all developers who are successfully building within these parameters, as I am currently looking to sell the property. I look forward to hearing from you all.


@Brady Irwin Hi Brady do you know what watershed? Flood mapping is actually my W2 line of work, and I may be able to give you more detail about the effects of Atlas 14. Not sure of what the developers are thinking, but all watersheds in ATX are about to get remapped, so maybe the uncertainty is keeping them from biting. 

@Jordan Moorhead Thanks for the reply. I ended up reaching out to a developer nearby who is going to buy and utilize the land to its highest and best use, given the circumstances. On another note, I have been active flipping / investing in and around Austin over the past 3 years and I am wanting to step more into development. If you have time this upcoming week, I would like to meet or even hop on a phone call with you to get more insight on this. 

@Brady Irwin sorry but I'm not the guy to talk to about it. I can help with buying the land and selling after it's built but have never actually developed something. On my podcast Austin Real Estate Investing there have been a ton of great developers!