Real Estate Development

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I am starting a small new single-family development in a tourist zone on Padre Island in Corpus Christi. I plan on utilizing GIG economy solutions for as many of the tasks as possible to understand the possible downside risks and upside cost savings. As background, I have spent many years working on construction for complex communication systems worldwide but I am new to residential developments so I will also be on a personal learning curve also. I realize some heavy civil work tasks need to be done locally but I have also already learned many tasks can utilize resources from around the world and the savings can be substantial. One simple example was getting a concept drawing generated. I received local artist quotes and internet services for quotes. I plan to use this image on printed materials, web page, social media and signage. I ended up using someone on Freelancer site who lived in Russia. This resulted in some minor rework due to communications issues but the deliverable was completed in less than a week and I saved $2,300 over local artists lowest bid. I will continue post any cost savings and discuss pitfalls as they may develop until the civil works and first house is completed.