Shipping Container Office Park

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Anyone see a "successful" office park built on shipping containers? What made it work? What didn't work? 

Something like this:


By successful, I mean getting competitive rents and high occupancy with single-digit project payback period -- not simply a cool, funky aesthetic. 

no. for the same reasons they don't work for residential. go down to the yard where the boxes are and walk around inside one. Try setting up a desk or a chair. Waste of time and money... of course with the price of lumber... who knows... ?

Awesome! People build all kinds of things because they're passionate about it. I say go for it. Just don't expect a huge cost savings and probably a premium to build with a less than optimum ergonomic space. Lower cost labor knows how to frame with conventional lumber. That's why stick framing is the low cost denominator... 

If you can make it work without modifying the containers that would be the ticket. Once you start adding openings in the boxes you have to reinforce, weld, etc. 

Try to find the GC who build it... I bet he could give you a ton of valuable info if he's open to talking about it. Should be on the permit.