Tear down one house to build 3 on R3 lot

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I have a single home on a R3 zoned lot in Cobb County GA. Does any one have any advise or connections to help add two more homes or tearing down and building 3 homes on the property?

Thank you in advance.

Make your plans, double check your plans, and OK those checked plans with EVERY person in the city planning, zoning, or permitting department that need to touch the thing and then ask a few more people just to be safe.

Then, when you have a plan that has been approved by the relevant people, recheck your numbers and make sure it pencils out.  The last thing you want is an 18-month long headache that makes $0!

My advice would to fully understand the zoning code and what R3 will allow you to build. Then talk with an architect to come up with a preliminary plan on what can be done within the zoning restrictions and your lot size. Assuming you're able to come up with something that is desirable for you,  then definitely a meeting with the City planning & zoning departments.  Similar to Will's point about going through the project and then making no money, you also want to get initial feedback from the City and see how receptive they will be to your plan.  For individual lots like these (*which I do not have much experience), I presume if you are adhering to everything within you lot's zoning, the City is required to approve your plans.  But it doesn't hurt to keep them apprised and get on their good side before moving too far along on the project.