Managing new build break ins

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Hello BP community. I just finished my first build. 3/2 single family home. The area that I built in is an up and coming area and sadly has a higher than ideal crime rate. To make a long story short, someone kicked in the backdoor of my property that is under contract and stole the blinds...THE BLINDS. I'm trying to prevent this in the future. I called security companies to see how much the would charge. I was told $25 and up/ hour. That number is dependent upon what my requirements are for the security guard. I was just curious as to what other investors are doing to protect their properties as they are building. Insurance, security, etc. Maiy regarding security. Thanks everyone!

The blinds?  That's a new one.  I have had refrigerators, a/c, a vanity taken, but never blinds.  I guess there is a growing secondary market for slightly used blinds.

Theft is a huge problem for all construction.  The national builders use license plate recognition software.  Probably not worth the cost for most builders.  Leave the lights on, and cameras help.  Sadly, it is a cost of doing business. 

@Rodneisha White a friend of mine sets up outdoor cameras and a simplisafe system with alarms and cameras inside at every reno/new build property. He chooses those because they are easy to setup and take down plus they have some nice sensors (glass break sensor, motion, and water detection- nice for leaky basements or sump pump areas)

I believe the most important thing on your outdoor cameras is that they are visible so potential burglars see they will be recorded if they do anything.

It's also cheap enough these days to get wifi lights. You can time them so they go on and off at random times. Make it look like someone is present. Get your blinds back in and close them so no one can see inside, but light can shine through.

The worse option is to buy window/door barricades, which ive seen in ATL before on renos/builds... Im sure it works but it is an eye sore and I think a waste of time to install/remove. Plus something like that draws attention to the property.

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Arlo GO is a wireless system that is battery powered as uses a cell signal. We've had decent results with it. 

I disagree on the benefit of cameras being made visible, as people will steal or destroy them for sport - been through it. To us, more importantly, we use neon colored print outs that we tape to the tyvek on the homes, warning people that we are using cameras, no trespassing, etc. We also tape these signs on the dumpsters. I've seen habitual dumpster abusers drive up to our dumpsters, see the newly hung sign, and drive away without dumping....More so than catching the thief, we would rather they not try to steal from us.... of course our methods and no methods are perfect.... but they seem to have been fairly effective....  Stealing blinds is insane, but cheaper than something else. Game cameras are cheap and can give you other angles of the house on the super cheap. We try really hard to use a just in time delivery system, so materials sit for as short of a time as possible. 

Good luck!

@Ryan Chatman

I haven't heard of simplisafe. I'll take a look into that company. I really like the wifi light idea. My partner thought about the burgular bars as a solution. I hate those and they are a real eye sore. Thank you for the ideas!

@Ed O.

The print outs would be a great addition. Since it was our first build... we focused on all sorts of areas, but not break-ins. I would definitely like to deter this type of action. We have to do a better job and the print outs would help with that. I'm also going to check out Arlo and gaming cameras. Thanks!

Hi Rodneisha,

Damaged door and stolen Blinds (you have been robbed by a strong interior decorator)...

Better than stolen furnace, hot water heater and copper pipes.

Maybe put a steel security door on the rear (and front) to make the new renters feel more safe, as well as motion detector flood lights way up high on the house in the back.

Good Luck!

@Rodneisha White I’ll second SimpliSafe. We have a 6-unit building that we are doing a full renovation on and are able to put 1 motion sensor in each unit. Cameras inside of windows the motion sensor won’t go off but the outdoor ones work well.

We’re pretty pleased with the system. Just need electricity for the base station and wifi for the cameras. The monitoring service is also really good. Once the building is leased up we’ll remove the system.

@Scott Mac

Strong interior decorator, that amused me. 😆

Thank you for the video. I watched it shortly after you sent it and meant to respond. Yes, fortress door is an excellent description of the security that door looks to provide. We're definitely going to incorporate this one! Thanks again!