Vacant Lot Development

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Hello BiggerPockets Community,

I am a current investor looking to learn more about vacant lot development of single family homes. I have done my research and have a pretty good understanding of the step by step process but would love to hear the step by step process from someone with experience. I would also like to know if there are any books or YouTube videos you all recommend.

Any feedback is appreciated!


Hey Jeffrey, 

Mehta size investments are you looking to get into. With land purchase and building, depending on location could be light years apart and so would the approach. I was introduced to episode 168 of the podcast and have enjoyed

This is a slightly different podcast that I find helpful. Haven’t found a ton of books. 

But I would say find anything and start practicing running a proforma and reach out to a contractor in your area if you have a relationship with one and get some ballpark numbers. Obviously all this is driven by if your building to hold and rent or sell. 

I am currently developing 35 acres into lots and running numbers and trying to Find the right builder and build 1 or 2 holes while selling the others as ready to build lots. 

Good luck

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