Critical test exam report on a 3 storey porch

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Chicago home owners or Engineers please help!!! 

I recently got a notice from the city about Critical test exam report on a 3 storey porch, does anyone know a good structural engineer that can do this and how much does it cost? Bit concerned as this is my first time restructuring my home and I've got no idea, the city notice I received said it is typically done in every 5 years. I just wanted to get an estimate and how it's done? Please point me at the right directions to speak with structural engineers you can recommend. Big THANKS!

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Has Anyone Engaged The Help of a Structural Engineer in Chicago?

@April East - I've personally never heard of that report either. Maybe @Mark Ainley, @Prashanth Mahakali, or @Samuel Pavlovcik know what that is. Also, on a previous Chicago porch post, a handful of people recommended talking to Frank at Mr. Porch, maybe they can help.

Regardless, I have a few structural engineers that might be able to help. If you shoot me a PM I can provide their contact information.