Preconstruction fourplexes--kansas city

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I am the builder of fourplexes in kansas city. I have 5 buildings left to be built out of 26 total. great community in master planned area. i am looking to deal on these last buildings. please inquire if you would like more information. the buildings have sold for 520k, or individual townhouses for 136.9k and 126.9k. (2 of each in each building)

thanks for looking

Thanks for the message. i have 3 buildings left. I haven't really discounted them much, just paid another point or two to closing costs.
i will email you with more information

thanks again

Hey Brian,

I have a client in KC struggling with selling two wholesale pre-rehab multi-units in the urban core. Just not their model...

They are selling them on the penny.

Would love to discuss with potential services you may provide them.... send a PM or reply.