Help with Contractor extra charges and scope.

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Hi, looking for an opinion or what to do.  
Got a quote from a contractor to remove a support beam and install a new support beam.  Contractor came to site day 1 to start.  I paid after day 1 about 60 % of the job.  
The contractor looked and quoted the project then when they started the job had to sub contract a plumbing company to move some pipes lower so they can get the new beam in.  Had to move an electrical box, move a dryer, move a gas line,etc.  Contractor mentioned the whole time verbally, not going to beat you up on it.  When the work was done, they charged an extra $500 for extra work/time.  Then I was under the impression, that the plumbing work that they needed would be covered by them.  It is an extra $2500.  

What do I do ?  It was a quote not an estimate.  I understand changes come up.  Ok here’s $500, I get that.  But what do you do about an increase such as the plumbing work?  Contractor looked and quoted job, you missed that you needed all this plumbing work.  

@Stella George why did you assume the plumbing work required would be on them ? When they gave you the initial quote for the job was it obvious their was plumbing that needs to be moved in order to replace the beam ? An estimate is just that, an estimate an approximate starting point to do a job. Contractor should have given you a change order with adjusted prices given the encountered obstacles and given you an approximate price of what the plumbing and electrical will costs.

This is why a scope of work should be Very detailed....which includes what is specifically included, and what is not included.  We have no idea what language was in your quote/contract.

Thank you.  
Price was 6800, to remove the old beam and install the new one.  My question or issue is, the contractor looked at the job 3 times before, got measurements, and did the quote stating remove and install beam with the price.  I’m asking that if you look at a job with a firm price and this issue happens, is the not on them for missing it? I should have just stopped the project, and regrouped.  
original quote mentioned no plumbing work.  

@Stella George - the extra charges suck. I would try to get help to bargain down (contractors like car salesman tend to take advantage of women) like actual time and materials of the plumber at $50-100/hour. It seems obvious that there was a lot of extra work if you’re moving all kinds of stuff like a dryer and gas line. This all should have been included in your price or he should have let you get those quoted by someone else. At least so you knew the all in job would have been $9800. Most of the time we’re so desperate for them to finish after they’ve started that we just agree to anything.

My gut says the contractor was on the up and up. Thats not much extra time he charged you and plumbing issues are mandatory to deal with. HOnly so much you can tell with the walls not open. And plumbing subs are commonly billed separately. He isn't making any/very little money on that extra $2500

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