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Reduced rent during residing/insulation project

Posted Jul 15 2022, 07:53

Hi all, we are planning on residing our 3-unit multi-family house and also blowing in insulation to help with utility bills. We have asbestos siding in not so great condition... so taking off the asbestos, blowing in the insulation, and residing the house will take at least a week to two weeks to do. Our tenant works from home and has already complained about the loud construction next door (they're adding 3 rooms to their house so lots of construction noises). 

We are trying to figure out the best way to let her know that we are going to reside the house. We want to giver her enough of a heads up. Is a month too soon to give her notice? Or should we plan for giving her a 2 months notice. Also, what is an appropriate rent reduction, since the construction noise will likely bother her. 50%?

We appreciate any and all advice/suggestions.



Boston, Massachusetts

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