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I hate it when I get an invite to a Webinar hoping to learn something new, and sometimes I get lucky, then I get hit by a ticket price in order to continue learning. I was just watching Kent Clothier on Finding Motivated Sellers, which was good, in fact it was on a subject I just asked a question here about. He even offered a program to even help find these elusive people, then I got hit with the price tag, I got sticker shock. $995 for this system. Has anyone dealt with Kent Clothier? If I had the money that some investors has to start their deals I would've done it but I don't. I even sent a message telling him that, knowing that the only people who reads it are the Sales Reps and it most likely will get tossed into the circle bin. Sometimes it does get frustrating, I am trying to learn new techniques in order to succeed (that is why I am here, asking questions and posting what little I do know to help others). Thank you for letting me be a member here and I hope I am not to much of a bother to anyone when I ask a lot of questions.

Listen to the podcasts here. They are free and no pitches for more training when they are done.

@Richard Gaston There are a lot of used books on Amazon you can get for 5-10 dollar if you just search on " Real Estate investing" . Classics Like the "Weekend Millionaire" are still relevant and very useful today.

Just beause these books are cheap don't believe they are not useful. Infact some of the Gurus who are trying to sell you information for thousands of dollars they are getting there info from these books too. Like @Ned Carey

said just read a lot and ask question here on BP and pretty soon you will realize you do not need any guru, and start investing on your own, and you will also develop an important tool called the "bs meter" to alarm you If you are about to be taken by a guru or anyone.

Good Luck!

@Ned Carey Thanks. Do Podcasts work on PC's as well as Laptops? When I see the word Podsomething I keep thinking IPod which I do not own. I think these salesmen who do webinars who pitch their products don't realize that alot of us want to better our lives not just for ourselves but for our families as well. We live in an apartment, have been here for 13 years, worked at the same store for almost 5 years making the same pay (basically, 10cents above minimum wage, even though here the Minimum Wage has risen 3 times since I have been there, so I got 3 raises lol) and its hard when I tell my son I can not afford to get him something, its even harder not going to bed getting depressed because you can not do something for your family. I want to get us a house soooo dang bad its pitiful, the area is not a good area for my son to go out and play so we have him stay inside mostly unless he is in school...One of the main reasons why I want to get into RE Investments, its a good vehicle to make the money I need and I can also find ways to get things fund, the harder part is going to these homes to fix them up to sell, I have no transportation but I am sure I can work around that, Home Depot does deliver lol...

@Val Csontos Thanks for the tip. There is a bookstore by Tacoma Mall called Half Priced Books, its a good place to get inexpensive books, got my son a few from there time to time when I can afford it. Actually its cheaper then half price lol. If I work my bills just right I have one week were I actually have a little extra money. I have everything arrainged so I can try to have a bit more on one week just for little treats for my son and/or wife but it still makes me feel a little bad even when I do that but it lightens the mood and I enjoy watching him smile :) when he gets a treat or something he wanted. I have an XBox 360 so he can play games like his friends (got it refurbished for $139.00 which included 6 games woo hoo and I really had to tighten my belt for that one lol). There are times I actually went to work hungry just so there is a bit extra food for my son, he's a big boy lol. I don't worry to much, I work at a 7-Eleven Franchise and the Franchisee don't mind if we eat the writeoffs, now if it was a Corporation Store I wouldn't be allowed to do that. So I get a Spicy Bite (A spicy Sausage if you don't have a 7-Eleven in your area) or sometimes a sandwich that I pulled off the night before for a writeoff (writeoffs are out of date products). So yes it really sets me back when I go to a webinar to learn something new and I find its a pitch mostly for people to buy something. So books and Podcasts are a great learning tools, in fact I was just asking here the other day about a couple of vacant properties that I have seen and how to find the owners in order to see if I can either Wholesale these properties to another investor or buy them myself with a little funding from a private lender and do it as a Fix and Flip, that is what Kent Clothier was talking about in his Finding Motivated Sellers webinar and then trying to sell his tool on getting all the information on Vacant Properties really fast, etc etc etc... $995 worth gasp......Sorry got a bit wordy here.

oh so no one thinks the less of me I am not asking for Pity and ain't doing a Pity me Party, I have learned to work around my limitations. We do get Food Stamps to help offset the Grocery Bill, not by much they cut me back by another $100, we are making $216 per month on that, which I know ain't much for a month but we get by barely. I don't mind going to work hungry, as I said I can get writeoffs (as long as it ain't a Tuna Fish sandwich, lol...made that mistake once got sick). I gave myself 3-4 months to work this, a realistic time frame. Already checking around here in Lakewood, WA for RE Agents who work with RE Investors, Closing Attorney's, General Contractors and seeing here what else I need to get together as part of my team in order to get this done. I am not making anymore mistakes like I did the last time. I know I need a General Contractors License even if I don't do the work myself as well as Insurance and Bonded so yes I am doing my homework :) And I hope I am not a bother to much when I come in and ask a lot of stupid questions.

@Richard Gaston

It's not a problem if you are on food stamps, as long as you aren't abusing the system.

You seem to be trying to work on getting away from that lifestyle, and I applaud you for that.

Podcast run on your computer, just go to the podcast list. Click one you want to listen to and relax.

Instead of buying books, check out your local library. Your tax dollars pay for that as well.
Most libraries have a way to get books from other libraries, if they don't have what you want/need.

Hope this helps.

@John Van Uytven Thanks for the tip mate. Here in Lakewood the Public Library is a good source for a lot of books but they don't get to many books and unless I live in Tacoma (which has a bigger Library) they are limited. It would be a little better if I just buy the books outright, this way I can make notes in the Margins, like I did on some of the books I got for Creative Financing, had to do a lot of reworks on a lot of what was suggested lol...An age old adage, what works for some people may not work on others, like for instance, why in the world would I ask a seller to basically loan me the money to buy their property, that is why they are selling it to begin with to make money in order to buy another piece of property or so they can move to another location, ergo it did not make sense to me whatsoever, lol...

Originally posted by @Richard Gaston :
@John Van Uytven
....... like for instance, why in the world would I ask a seller to basically loan me the money to buy their property, that is why they are selling it to begin with to make money in order to buy another piece of property or so they can move to another location, ergo it did not make sense to me whatsoever.

Seller financing isn't going to work the majority of the time.

They have to be willing to do it.

Why should you?

Because if you hit your max number of loans then what will you do if you find a good property?

Seller financing can help you make more money in the long run.

Why would they?
Because they will make more money in the long term.

You pay them interest instead of a bank. If you can't pay they also get the property back.

My first deal might be seller financed.

He wants 10% interest, and a balloon payment at the end of 3 years.

That's what he offered to do, since he owns the property free and clear.

Not every seller is willing to do it, but some will.

@John Van Uytven Oh, Duh.... Thanks. I clean forgot about Seller Financing, got to excuse me sometimes my brain gets a bit foggy when I am sleepy. I work a Grave Yard Shift, man I really need to get off that shift, lol... I confused what I read from a book and that Video I saw the other day here and on that video it talked about borrowing money from the homeowner lmao....funny video....

@John Van Uytven I know what you mean about abusing the system. As I said earlier, I work at a 7-Eleven. I saw this one lady come in, buy some groceries (literally, she was buying groceries at a 7-Eleven Convience Store) and then get in her car.....Did I mention that car was a 2012 Jaguar?

Richard, my staff does receive every email that is sent and try to help the sender each time doing whatever is appropriate. That does not mean we are always able to help., but we do get them. We appreciate you attending the Webinar and showing interest in our actual product.

It is designed to do a great deal of the "heavy lifting" for you and show you Vacant Properties w/Equity in a particular area that you choose in a matter of seconds. There is an algorithm that we use to determine those properties and one that we spent thousands of dollars with engineers, programmers and designers putting together. We continue to spend thousands of dollars each month to keep the information updated. So as a company, nothing brings us more satisfaction than when a client has success and is able to use one of our products to move them along.

However, we are a company with multiple different departments, products and staff and we are built to earn a profit. You will never hear us apologize for the pricing of our products because they absolutely work.

They are designed to make an investors processes easier and faster. You can absolutely duplicate our process and products. It will take your time and effort, but there is no secret to what we are doing and you can duplicate that process yourself. It will take a large amount of your time and attention as well as detailed work and you can learn how to take those steps by asking questions on this site.

What is special is that through our program you are able to generate those property lists in a matter of seconds with all of the information that you need as an investor to market to them. - including actually pressing a button and having the mailing done for you.

Again, it is about conveinence and time savings. For many investors, that is the investment they are willing to make. They realize that the cost of the Find Motivated Sellers System is what they would pay themselves for the hours of work it would take to duplicate those lists of sellers.

I do wish you luck in your journey to begin investing in real estate. At this time, I would absolutely advise you to NOT try to purchase this product or any other designed to help you develop as an investor. Your time is your best asset at this point and you need to spend it wisely.

@Kent Clothier Hey bud. :) I know what you mean, that is why I attended your webinar to help me find Motivated Sellers. I have found several Properties I was interested in and of course they were abandonded, I asked here and these wonderful people were nice enough to give me an answer to my question, I was just thinking that there had to be an easier way to find answers like this when I saw your webinar, of course I thought it was to teach how to find Motivated Sellers, but when I heard what you were saying my ears perked up, it was exactly what I was just talking about, I got excited and was sitting on the edge of my seat listening, then it hit me at the end. Now for me it was let down, here is something that can do me and other investors a great service, and yes it would be a very useful tool, but unlike some other investors I am starting to get my feet wet and I am trying my best to relearn this as fast as I can, I gave myself a 3-4 month time table, even put my notice in at work if that says anything (not to quit, but to cut back on my hours) I am really serious about doing this. My son has to be basically locked indoors when he comes home from school, this is not the best area to be raising a child in. I can not go to the store without someone asking me either for spare change (it happens even in the best of neighborhoods) a cigarette, or do I know where they can get some drugs, so it was a bit of a let down to see a $995 price tag. It was like me (and investors like me) were being locked out and only the exclusive were let in. Don't get me wrong Kent, you're inspiring to say the least and I have seen a lot of info from you that I have learned, and I have followed you for the past couple of years when I was just thinking about it, but now the thinking is done, the market is now a buyers market and its coming back up...Granted there are new Laws in place and all, and the game has changed, even from a couple of years ago when I WAS JUST thinking about it, now its time I get off my arse and start doing something, and in order to do that is to learn, learn and more learning...That and I think it teaches my son something, one is never to old to stop learning lol...And when I stumbled across this wonderful site I saw a lot of information and very helpful people as well, I though aha, a great place for me to learn and study about the new ways, and it fits my income level. Sorry bud about being really wordy here, I will let you get back to your work and time for me to see what else I can learn. Oh and I have never meant any disrespect to you, I was just disappointed about the price tag ;)

Hello Richard

You are on the right track hanging out here on BP

You will not find a better real estate investment forum then here

01- Check out Amazon .com   Books section,,you can buy any real estate book under the sun used ,in print out of print for pennies on the dollar.If you dont have them yet ,get the 3 excellent books by John Schaub.

02 When you can afford it get a smart phone,,it doesnt have to be an I Phone,,,,HTC makes a very nice Android style phone for the money.Make friends with a young techie geek and get a handle on the best phone company deal around,,,I word suggest T Moblie first.Gei an internet hook up on your smart then you can listen to the BP Podcasts via You Tube wherever you go ,,,even waiting for a haircut at the barbershop.

Lastly find the best REI meeting in your area,,,,hint,,,it wont be the one where some snakeoil guy is selling courses for $1997.00 on a card table at the end of the meeting.Good REI's usually have folks that have a professional capacity in the real estate industry and anj area of expertise they talk about,,,,ie brokers appraisars,,,,,title reps etc.

Believe or not I have found theres usually only one or 2 in any major metropolis that are worth while,,,,so it might take you some time to find one

Hope this helps 

DD in L.A.


I am sure you will find at least 1 or 2 legitimate REI clubs in Seattle with a little research and elbow grease,,,


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