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As an investor, I've decided to take the Illinois Real Estate Broker Exam so I can view properties on my own (among other reasons). I'm an attorney, so I don't have to take any courses or anything. I can just sit for the exam. I registered to take the exam 30 days out in a Chicago suburb. I went to start studying and am finding it difficult to come up with a study plan. They sell books/flashcards for national questions, but it appears they contain a bunch of irrelevant information. They also sell books for what appears to be the Illinois portion, but I can't tell if they cover what you need to know for the national portion as well.

When non-attorneys take the real estate courses, I'm sure you get a pretty good idea of what you need to study, and probably already have the material outlined. So I'm assuming that is where I am at a disadvantage. Can anyone recommend good study materials that will be the easiest to cram enough information into my head to pass the exam - more importantly, cram the RIGHT information into my head.

I'm down to 29 days, and I work full time, so I have to figure this out pretty quickly!

@Mark Doyle

Good move getting your license. You'll be amazed how much time if frees up being able to open doors on your own schedule.

Check Amazon there are specific books for the IL exam.

Good Luck

@Mark Doyle - The irrelevant information you are finding is probably the right information you need for the test. When I took it I quickly discovered that the test really has very little to do with selling real estate.

I have my books at home (Chicago) that I used when I transitioned my license 2 years ago that you can borrow. Or you can use Kaplan RE Online (I use them for all my CE) they have an exam prep course for $159

Or it looks like Amazon has an exam prep book

I also noticed there were two exam prep books at the library -- not really sure how up-to-date they are, but could be a good free option.

@Brianna Schmidt @John Weidner Thanks for the response. The Amazon materials were what was confusing me. I read the reviews of the flashcards for example, and apparently they are for a broker exam, an appraiser exam, etc. and people were having to sift through and pull the ones they did not need. Some were saying only 50 cards out of 500 are useful for a broker exam. Brianna, I did order that Illinois book you linked to already. It comes next week so we'll see what that covers. I'm skeptical considering the title of the book gets the name of the exam wrong. It is the Illinois Real Estate Broker Exam. There is no "Illinois Real Estate Sales Exam". Seriously, if you are going to write a book, at least get the name of the test right!

I may have to bite the bullet and pay the $160 for the Kaplan materials. Ugh.

@Mark Doyle Well IL moved to a broker only state in 2012 - so there used to be a Salesperson's test. and to be totally honest, I didn't notice a huge difference in testing for the 2. But it has been 10 yeasr since I sat for my test so my brain could be quite foggy.

@Mark Doyle Pay $50 for ExamSmart. The questions were almost verbatim as to what I experienced on the actual exam. The state exam was very easy. If you're an attorney who has passed the bar, you will have zero problems with the state test.

Sorry...forgot to post the link.

@Mark Doyle Buy "Modern Real Estate Practice in Illinois 7th edition" published by Dearborn. This is the book I was given for the 90 hour course. Some of the material (contract law) you are probably already familiar with and the amount of material to cover is massive.

The most effective time management strategy I found was to take the practice exams at the end of each chapter (23 total chapters, 20 questions each chapter) and record your scores on a spreadsheet. This will give you an idea of where to focus your study time. If you can dedicate 2 hours of your time each day you can finish the practice exams in 5-6 days.

Review your test scores and set a benchmark to determine what material to review further (e.g. any score less than 80%). Any score below your benchmark focus on reading the chapter to get a better understanding of the material. Take the comprehensive review tests in the back of the book during your last study week to get an idea of where you are at.

Check out page 596 that gives you a percentage breakdown of the material covered on the test to help develop your study plan. No sense in spending all your time reviewing material that only represents a small portion of the test.

This is what I did and it work for me. Good luck.

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions.

If you also like to study and practice when you have downtime, check out the phone app that helped me pass the exam "Illinois Real Estate Exam Prep" by Upward Mobility.

It's really convenient and nice change on scenery after you have been sitting in front of that huge yellow book for hours. It has plenty of questions that are similar to what's on the actual exam.

Hello everyone! I came across this post as I'm about to go through the process of getting my license as well. The difference is that I'm not a Lawyer, so I will have to go through the coursework. I will also be doing this part time as I currently hold another sales job. My Business Partner and I are getting into Real Estate Investing and I would like to get licensed for the access being a Broker can provide in terms of deals/data and part of what we'll be doing is Wholesaling (which I keep reading there is a fine line on wholesaling being legal) and I'd like to make sure we don't get slapped with any fines. Also, I'm sure that having the license automatically ups credibility. Am I right that this would be the best avenue to go? What should I expect in terms of the amount of class/study time it will take. If I start tomorrow for instance, how soon would it be before I can take the exam and get licensed if we're being conservative on time? 


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