How many yellow letters do YOU receive?

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I get quite a few of them.  As an investor, I get a little chuckle out of some of them.  One poor guy drove all the way to my house to put one in my door. many do you get?

many I do try to call them back and see what kind of deals they are looking for or to refer them to others.. 99% of the time they don't answer live.. and less than 50% of the time do they return the call... Not sure if they are overwhelmed with calls or shocked that they got one.. I know on NOD's in the PDX metro area the trustor will receive 20 to 50 letters or more during the course of their foreclosures.

Since mine are in Vegas, Out of State, 50%+ Equity, and held in a trust.  I get 1 a month from Investors, and 1 a month from Realtors.  I call them all back.  I am trying to actively sell my Vegas Properties.  I never get call backs from leaving messages because I always go to voicemail.

I called the most recent one back because his letter stated that Land Records indicated that I was in default (???????).  It turns out that he tracks Notices of Substitute Trustee, a normal precursor to a foreclosure (good method as these can be filed weeks before an actual Notice of Sale appears in the paper).  He answered his phone on a Friday night (+).  I told him that I had just completed some Note Modifications and the Lender must have switched Trustee.  I asked if he was a wholesaler as I was a cash buyer.  He is buy and hold.  He wasn't too friendly.  I hope his phone manner is better with his real prospects!

I do call some back just to get on their buyer list. 

Between letters and post cards I get about 4 a week on average.  I've received them from at least 4 members on here that I recognized.   While I'm not looking to sell I will often send an email and ask them to put me on their buyers list since they're targeting properties that I like to buy.  I also get a ton from Realtors and those go in the trash.  

@Cheryl C.   I have had a number of the default ones, also. In my case it may be that their list is crossing timeframes, somehow. The property they reference had a few minor liens for water etc because it was a probate. But they have my address as the current owner, and those liens were paid 6 months ago. Unless that is just a tactic to get calls. But that is one game I don't play. Come at me straight or go away, no games.

I got my first one a couple weeks ago.  I didn't call back but I did try to research the company to see if the sender was on BP.  Definitely curious how my property made it on a list worth marketing to.  Own property free & clear. 

I'll go months without getting any, then get a small flury.  I think, but am not sure, that I have pinpointed the flury as coming when towns update their assessment websites.

Specifically 'yellow' letters: about one (1) every two or three months.

These are directed to me as administrator of a probate estate as I am currently the PR on 3 or 4 estates. This will go down as I close out these estates and delevate the job of administrator to others.

I probably receive one or two white letters per month (some from people who've attended my training seminars). 

I receive plenty of other letters, somewhat generic to my prior record owners on properties that I either have completed or am in the process of quieting title via adverse possession.

As others have mentioned, when I've called people, most are completely and hopelessly unprepared to take my call, if they pick up 'live' at all. I can't say enough about practicing phone calls and having a lead sheet to guide the conversation and capture the essential information. 

What's to be noted is the lack of creative direct response envelopes or clever packaging to get recipient's attention and get opened. So far, not a very creative bunch.

It sounds like many times wholesalers who send the letters either do not answer the phone or aren't prepared when they do take the call.

I've gotten yellow letters too but haven't called anyone back.  They are typically sending me a letter about a house I just bought or a house I already have.

I take my "Yellow Letters" serious.

I don't send the yellow paper, my letters are printed in white paper with my company logo on it. And I even sign them!

If you guys received an interesting one, please, forward it to me.

I'm always changing the text on my letter, depending of how many times I've sent to the same address.

And I return my calls the same day.


I get way too many.

The insulting ones were after my Mother passed. I found them to be in poor taste, classless.

Originally posted by @Arnie Guida :

I get way too many.

The insulting ones were after my Mother passed. I found them to be in poor taste, classless.

 A guy actually showed up at my Grandmother's door less than a week after my grandfather died.  He's really lucky my brother with the anger-management, impulse-control, and not-committing-felonies problems was not there. 

We live in the Seattle area. 

Never receive for the TX properties except a letter from real estate agent offering her selling and management services. One for the central/eastern WA in the 3 years of holding it.

We got a couple for the Atlanta property -- the first postcard needed help. I couldn't tell which house she wanted to buy. I could only tell because it was probably the Atlanta house because I recognized the 404 area code. It's probably a good idea especially if mailing out-of-state owners that you include the property address... also nothing personal, looked like a straight ad with nothing compelling. Interesting...

I have never received a letter despite living in a very "desirable" area (ie modest home in a somewhat dated but improving area).

One Saturday I did have an investor knock on the door.  He was walking the neighborhood, going door-to-door.  Because of what I do, it wasn't a total surprise, but I was very intrigued to the point that he was quickly able to ascertain that I was somehow involved in real estate investing.  Horrible poker face I guess - or maybe just the fact that I was giddy which was not a common response.

A big regret for me was that I was not more engaging with him when I was presented with that opportunity.

I have received two postcards for one property we owned.  I've decided that next time I get one I'll try to follow-up, even though it is a property we want to keep longer than others.  I'm also intrigued to find out how it got on a list, but I'm more intrigued to find out how much of a discount they want to buy it for and what they'd plan to do with it from there, since I'm not in a typical market.

The biggest issue I have at the moment is with Craigslist.  Every time I post a property for rent on Craigslist I get all these wholesalers contacting me wanting to know if I want to sell. I gave the last one a crazy astronomical price and he went away, only to e-mail me again later wanting to know if I wanted to sell.  They spam so many people they forget who they've sent e-mails and texts to.

As far as post cards and yellow letters, I get a few a month.  I've called two of them back but they never returned the calls.  I was hoping to network a little, but no return calls.  Ups and downs of the job I guess.

There is only one investor who seems to want to send me Yellow Letters, and he only seems to want to send them about 6 months AFTER I sell the property he's inquiring about.  I even sent him an email letting him know that he can remove me from his list and save the postage.  I still get letters from him after each house I buy in a certain area -- but again, it's normally AFTER I've already sold the property.

I get at least 4 mailings a month.  Often, there will be a separate card or letter for each of 2 or 3 properties with each mailing.  The gurus have been active in SE Michigan.  I call approximately half of them back if I do not already know the sender.  I am usually leaving messages as very few of the senders answer their phones.  I ask what types of properties they are targeting (nice, run down, occupied, vacant, unencumbered, etc.--often I can tell but I ask to make a connection) as I usually have one or two that I would sell (I currently have one I would sell on terms).  I also ask them to call back if they targeted a house in an area where I am searching for new acquisitions because I may be a buyer.  I would guess that I receive responses approximately 10% of the time.  It baffles me why anyone would go to the expense of marketing and not follow up the leads.

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