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On my way to the Placer county courthouse to pull new and research existing probate case files.

After that at 1:30pm PST, sitting in on probate/trust proceedings.

What's interesting is that 2 different decedents a) one with 17 properties and b) another with 17 properties.

Will update later on this afternoon..


Is that something anyone can do and is that for a price for pretty much public info at the courthouse?

Believe me when I tell you that Mark doesn't have any special privileges at the courthouse (unless he's become a law enforcement officer since I last spoke to him). 

Anyone can go to just about any hearing and sit in the back and listen to the proceedings. In fact, I highly re I mend that everyone dies just that.

Show up looking clean and professional.  Wear slacks and a collared shirt, perhaps a sport coat, too.

You will learn an incredible amount in just your first day or in one morning. 

The idea us to blend in and not look like one of the great unwashed toothless, clueless and shoeless people (?) who are forced to be at court. 

(To thise offended by my characterization of some, I apologize as a few do wear shoes)

Did you get any good info Mark?

@Rick H.  any one could listen in on someone else's hearing/proceeding? This is not illegal? Do you just walk out when the most the people there have left? 

Sorry I'm posting this late.

@Kong Xiong   Yes this is something anyone can do and there is no price for public info (probate files) at the county court house.

The first case heard (probate), decedent has 34 creditor claims filed against estate. The most recent in August 2014. Petitioner has filed rejections for approximately 25 of those claims, commencing a 90-day period in which claimants may elect to file suit against estate. Decedent has a SFR, 1606 Shamrock Ct. Lincoln, CA.

@Pat McGrath This is in your backyard BUT not worth pursuing.

b) Estate of Rivera - Missing service to Lidia Rivera (ex) Service to counsel alone is insufficient. Prob.C 1214. It is recommended the petition be denied. The petition does not identify property to which title or possession is in dispute; rather the petition appears  to describe a civil claim for damages under one or more tort theories.

Estate administration was required to close in December 2012. Administrator has failed to file no report, account, or request to continue administration. Property is located in Carnelian Bay, CA

c) Trust of Wheeler - Trust has 15 properties - Competing trustee's - big mess - Missing service of notice of hearing to City of Colfax - (Trust has the 15 properties in Colfax) Note; Prob.C. 21350-21356 were repealed effective January 1, 2014. Because of the large number of person's entitled to notice of these proceedings, the court will determine any continuance request(s) at the time of the hearing(s). This hearing continued to December 2, 2014.

d) Estate of Reyes - Daniel Reyes (sibling) as in Pro-Per -Inventory and appraisal omits any personal property. In pro-per satisfied missing request. Judge granted Petition to Real Estate. Property is located at 306 K St. Lincoln CA. 

e) Estate of Siragusa - Donna Andrews (in pro-per) Missing typewritten transcript of written will. Clarification is needed; petitioner must clarify whether will is offered as holographic instrument or executed/witnessed will. Proof of will in either case.

Petitioner satisfied issues. Judge granted Full Authority based IAEA. Order for Probate and Letters of Administration issued while judge by law had to read the motion.

Property is located at 6154 S. Walnut St. Spc 38 Loomis, CA (mobile home)

f) Estate of Grandjean - Missing notice of hearing - Petitioner served only form DE-120 ( and possibly a summons) Missing proof of publication. Petitioner caused a summons to be published in error. Case continued until December 30, 2014. Property located at 3060 Cedarwood Way, Tahoe City, CA

g) Trust of Roach - Appearance is required for hearing on trust and account petition.

Trust has 17 properties (15 on one street) At hearing, petition pending to remove Trustee from Trust per competing attorney representing beneficiary's. Lead attorney claims there have been threats on trustee. Competing attorney denies claim. Lead attorney wants to move forward to "Final Distribution". Lead attorney waiting for "closing order" from I.R.S.

Trust is worth $4.5 million ( going to have pull file on this one).

The attorney's representing these clients also represent new clients (Notice to Administer Estate) and existing (past clients) and as I research probate files, I notice certain attorney's name keep coming up. These are also the attorney's that i would like to work with.

My goal is to market to these attorney's with CMA's, discuss my experience as an heir and to offer my services as real estate agent (pending) with Final Distribution.

@Vince Beusan Good speaking with you the other night. Remember Rick Harmon is in your back yard.

Pat McGrath, every Tuesday at 1:30pm, if you care to join me at Placer courthouse.

@Jeff Jamieson Yes lot's of good info.

Rick, your correct. No special privileges at the courthouse. Every one including myself, stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.


cool ni may just try that today. What courtroom? I dont know the courthouse very well. Its clear you understan legalese & i dont. 

Originally posted by @Erick Martinez :

@Rick H.  any one could listen in on someone else's hearing/proceeding? This is not illegal? Do you just walk out when the most the people there have left? 

 This is certainly not illegal.  You can leave whenever you want.

@Adrian Tilley  Ok, could you explain a little how someone ca do this? If you don't have the time, that's fine. I just really don't know where I would go or what to even look for if I were to go to my local courts?

@Erick Martinez  


Either @Rick H.  may be better able to explain the value of sitting in on these hearings. I'm not sure what it would be, other than perhaps to familiarize yourself with the probate process.

As an attorney, I know that there are frequently a lot of people sitting in the courtroom during hearings, trials, etc.  They are generally open to the public, with specialized exceptions like some juvenile cases, celebrity/high profile cases, etc.  In Colorado, you can view the Courts' dockets online, I'm not sure about Arizona.


@Adrian Tilley  pretty well nailed it.

Understanding some of the problems and challenges that occur before, during and after probate will give you a competitive edge. 

Becoming familiar with your local courthouse will make it easier to help both prospects and clients as you then know more about the process, the issues and how cumbersome and difficult it is to resolve problems by using the court system for the unfamiliar. 

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