Real estate agent expectations to high?

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I am in the process of looking for my second investment property and so far my experience with RE agents has been a bit frustrating. My first property I purchased was using a family friend agent and I'm not sure if the comfort level was a factor but I felt as if I did almost all the work and majority of the questions I asked I couldn't get straightforward answers. Now searching for my next property I've tried contacting two different listing agents in regards to Homepath properties, no answers or call backs.

The current property I am very interested in (not Homepath) he did answer my phone call and email me the paperwork I requested and he seemed very adamant about letting him know as soon as I'd like to see it in person. I responded within the hour with a few more questions and stating I would like to visit the property in person. Almost 24 hours later still no response to my email or text (both of which were his preferred forms of contact). I would say there is a slim to none chance he hasn't looked at his phone for 24 hours to see my text and give even a simple response that he'd get back to me.

With your past experience with agents, whether it be yours or the sellers, is this pretty typical and am I just being impatient and expecting too much?

I am a real estate agent (Michigan), and there are very few times that i will even go a couple hrs without checking my phone.  if you have a smart phone there is no reason that you should not be getting back with cliens/investors. 

 I believe that there is either personal matters going or simply just doesnt have the time or want to respond. 

That would be my opinion

@Cameron Berens  I think some are worth their weight in diamonds, but the vast majority are useless pieces of skin.  keep looking.  you'll have to go through 20 or 40 but once you find "the one," all of your previous issues will become a distant memory. 

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Hearing things like this about real estate agents really burns me up. It makes those of us in the profession who do what we're supposed to look bad. I personally have my phone with me 24/7 and the only time I don't answer it is if I'm with another client but please believe that missed call will be returned ASAP. 

Assuming you don't have any signed agency agreements with this person, just move on to the next. And when you find the next one, tell them everything that sucked about the previous agents you tried to work with so they know your expectations up front. 

Sorry I can't tag names while using my phone.

Brandon and Michael thanks for the responses. Hopefully in the near future I will find agents like yourselves who actually keep in contact with their clients. I don't have any ties to them so if I don't hear back soon I will be looking else where.

Patrick, hopefully it doesn't take 40 but yes I have a feeling I'll have to go through some more before I find that one I trust and want to help with my investing.

@Cameron Berens   Hello Cameron.  I am sure everyone reading your post understands how you must feel about working with people who are less than responsive to requests. Many real estate agents are highly responsive and professional in their approach to their business. Like most professions, the individual is responsible for the quality of the service they render.  

As an active investor, have you considered obtaining a real estate license? Having your own license would provide you with the ability to earn more money, search the MLS and represent yourself in your own transactions. A real estate license is a powerful and useful tool for any person actively involved in real estate investing.

Please feel free to contact me.  I am happy to make recommendations to you about how you can get a license in the fastest way possible. 

It's been our experience with Homepath listing agents that even if they do respond, it's usually to tell us to have our buyer's agent contact them and if we don't have one, they'll refer one in their office.  Not sure why this is, but I think it's an agency thing more than a rude thing, although it comes off as rude to me.  As far as agents in general, we went through several poor ones -- why you never sign an exclusive buyer agreement that most of them want you to sign -- until we found an agent who actually knew enough about investment property to actually help us out. 

That isn't just real estate agents.  That is a problem with all sorts of people.

We have landlords on hear who have tried to justify not responding to calls from tenants after "business hours."

@Cameron Berens  That is the number one complaint about Real Estate Agents, no communication with clients and potential clients. Since you didn't sign anything move on to the next. Also, some of the agents that do homepath listings don't work with buyers because these same agents also do foreclosure listings for other institutions and banks. With the amount of foreclosures in areas that can be a heavy workload dealing with banks and all their paper work. Still no excuse though, they could hire some one to field the calls for them and bring another agent on as a buyers agent to handle them.

@Victoria Winters   I have considered getting my license I'm just not sure yet if thats a path I want to take. I do think maybe learning it all even if I don't take the exam would be beneficial.

@Richard C.   I agree, this isn't something that has to do with just RE agents this can apply to people in all fields.

@Jim Wilson   & @Lynn M.  I didn't think about that in regards to Homepath but no agreements signed.

Not sure whether this is a good move, bad move or whether it really matters but just to give everyone a little update I took it upon myself to go view the property with no agent this evening. I'm a real go getter type personality, I don't have the patience to wait on someone else.

Hi Cameron,

OMG same problem! Is 3 days too long to wait for a return "anything" going to call my 3rd RE Agent this am.  I am new and don't have unlimited funds so she is not learning on my dollars. I feel bad but "it's business" I keep telling myself.  The next contestant states in his bio he has "done what I want to do"....the clock starts now. I wish there was a list of the good ones as this is such a time waster, but I guess this is the challenge of it!

Good Luck

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