What are your most memorable moment when seeing a property?

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hi Bp

What are some funny/weird/scary moments you had when you are seeing a property?

Whether it's meeting the people involved or the building itself,

We looked at a foreclosure one time, the stink of dogs was horrible. In the two bedrooms, the window sills had been completely chewed off, the doors and trim boards were clawed thru. A nightmare.

We bought the house, rehabbed it, and sold it for a good profit. 

Three years later it got foreclosed on again, we bought it for the same price we paid the first time. We then rehabbed it, less this time, and sold it again, for more than we sold it the first time. 


Keep in mind I'm investor/realtor


My first year as a realtor, I was previewing a row house  for a buyer. I was brand new and eager to start. I called the listor, who seems eager to unload this listing. He confirmed my appointment, with zero instructions. 

On the day of appointment I headed over, knocked on the door. No one answered. And I used my supra key and announced myself as usual.."realtor!".

I go in and start taking pics of the living room. I walk into the kitchen, and a lady was in there, she went pale white in the face, she totally fell backwards and collapsed on to the kitchen floor hitting the stove and shelving.

Not only did I scare her, she had a medical condition. She was waiting for her son to come back with sugar water and meds.

I introduced myself, explained I'm a realtor, rang the bell and announced myself. She said she thought she heard someone......

I helped her up, sat her down, got her water and made sure she was ok until her son called.

Needless to say, the listor never told tenant... And when I called him that I made the tenant faint...he said oh nonchalantly.

Smells, bugs and rodents can deter me from the inside.  However, busted walls, windows and missing plumbing reflects big discounts...:)

I was looking at a private sale once and this lady got really weird all of a sudden talking about how her husband just died and all she does is cry now and she asked me to lend her 5000 dollars and I could hold some plates for collateral haha.  She just totally changed personalities halfway through the tour and it was kind of erie.  Total hoarder house too so some random plate she grabbed she told me was so valuable and I could see it for 20k if she didn't pay me back haha.   

@Jennifer Lee  

  I have many

But the fondest were in my days in the Timber business. When we walked a property that we bought off of MLS and there was no value put on the Timber.. We would walk it and say wow.. and I would just get this tingly feeling.. Many times the Timber alone paid for the property and some times 2 times over and we still owned the property.. I am sure this can happen out in the Hard wood forests of the East.. It happens from SF north for sure.

Its a niche but there is a reason you had Barrons in the old days,, they were steel , railroad and Timber

@arlan that's crazy!!! Good job though on getting double profits on 1 house


As a realtor when I started, I'm new to my area, transplant. So when I'm asked to do ARV comps I jump at the chance. This gives me motivation to learn new market.

This was a case of the blind leading the blind.

I have an out of state client, I'm listing his rehab. Calls me at 10pm. 

He: I have house under contract. The realtor I'm working me is MIA. Can u do ARV comp.

Me: sure...what's the detail.

(I'm brand new, so not savy with th Mls settings then. and started to do my "thing")

Me: this property is in war zone....

He: I know......it's fine

Me: condition????

He sends me a link and it looked move in ready. New paint, nice kitchen.

Me: IF your info is correct ARV is ---, but I never do an ARV without me or client seeing the unit, I'll swing by tomorrow.

He: ok keep me posted I close tomorrow at 11am

(Me to myself: ok, crazy.....)

I drove to the house earlier the next day.

1. Depressed part of town

2. Next to commercial (literally)

3. 1 mile of steps to house and STREET parking

I'm thinking my ARV is off!!!!!!! And walk up the stairs. Shards of broken glass every where. Windows broken or boarded up.

I open the door, and the place was CHARDED, CHARCOAL! Pitched black.

I quickly took 2 pics. And high tailed out of there.

I texted him : ABORT! Abort! And sent pics

He was needless to say livid. And thank goodness was able to walk away. I'm now his go to agent foot on the ground.

I'm reminded of this even today, bc again he called me yesterday that he has a house under contract. A house I have been in to, I recognized the address. You mean the FIRE house? And sent him pics... Lol some ppl never learn (today is 2 yrs later)

having been in the business for a few years, no ceiling, no floors, mold and bad odors no longer phase me, it norm.


Very recently, I was meeting a couple for the first time, Investor wannabes, in a grade C area. This is the first house they are seeing.

We all pulled up and the house is on a hill. Pittsburgh realtor are very good at omiting such detail from their listings. They take pictures just so...that is why I always drive by.

I asked still interested? Yes was the response. The young couple and I tracked the 45 degree drive way...  Not liking it.

Still interested? Heck, we tracked up here, let's go in was the response.

I punched in code. and wow!! Nice Victorian!!!

OK has potential!! Wow someone tried to rehab this and stopped.... The kitchen had awesome layout in progress. Good, good.

We walk around wondering why it was half done.

The man said: hmmmm. This must be a the fun house!

Me: uh? 

Man: party house?

Me: why?

He directed me and his wife to look around... Bras and used condoms on the corners of "dining room"

Me: oh....

Living room was spray painted with graffiti, i think more bra and condoms I can't remember.

Backdoor was boarded up and signs of vandals.

And in the upstair bathroom sink was weed.

We left. No time for this kind of nonsense while rehabbing

That's all I got.. Still new to this business ;)

One memorable one was walking into a house and there was a bunch of junk in the living room. I did a scan around the room and then saw this:

a random cardboard cut-out of idk who lol. It gave me a good laugh. 

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