Best markets to invest in.

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Morning everyone,  out of these five markets, Phoenix,  Vegas, Florida, Tennessee and Indiana which would be best to buy an investment property?

What are you looking for cash flow,appreciation long term buy and holds or flips. What is the amount of capital you have to invest and do you have time to investigate a new area? Why not in your neighborhood?

I'd say the one closest to where you live and the one you are most familiar with. Start in your own backyard. You can make money in any market. Some markets are strong in multifamily, some with SFH. That's a very broad question. Start out with what you know. Do you have any investments now? You likely don't want your first investment to be halfway across the country with a contractor you know nothing about in a city where you have never been. Just my two cents.

Well, being that I am a newbie a family member deals with a company that buys SFH's in those states, buy and hold in Phoenix Vegas and Orlando and cash flow in Tennessee and Indiana they say. I'm months away from purchasing but will have around 30-40k down payment.

 Florida has quite a few good appreciation markets, including Putnam County and Paco County. Not familiar with those markets personally. I have heard a lot of good things about Indiana and Indianapolis.

@Kevin Darrell

I would say for cash flow you can still do okay in some areas of Florida, but not Orlando.  I am invested in Jacksonville.  Indianapolis is probably the best cash flow market you've named here, and they have have had some good appreciation recently, which is not typical of that market.  I would be very cautious about Phoenix and Las Vegas, as they may have peaked out on reasonable appreciation.

@Larry Fried, and all that commented, thanks for the advice. Greatly appreciated.  

@Kevin Darrell

 I am with an investor friendly title company here in Florida and the market is HOT here. I am in the Orlando area where anywhere from buy and holds to flipping is doing great. We have all of the attractions for one and the snow birds that come down.

Originally posted by @Ryan Kopczyk :

@Kevin Darrell

 I am with an investor friendly title company here in Florida and the market is HOT here. I am in the Orlando area where anywhere from buy and holds to flipping is doing great. We have all of the attractions for one and the snow birds that come down.

 Do you have any information on this company? I just came back from DFW looking for buy and holds with no luck, sellers market right now over there and they know it.

@Kevin Darrell

Florida is a great place to invest right now. I'm looking to purchase property to buy & hold down there. Don't sell yourself short in your own backyard.

With that said, Welcome Aboard! You're in the right place at the right time!

Wish you the Best Success :-)

The Florida market is hot. We are in a sellers market. Investors have slowed down quite a bit due to pricing and I am sure that is common in other areas as well. I believe a buyer can still do well provided they are patient and wait for the right deal. Notice Antonio's comment. He didn't find a deal so he walked. That is the right move.

I am assuming that you are new to this.  If so, start in your own back yard.

I'm definitely hearing all that say "look in your own backyard.  

My area, Jacksonville, FL, is pretty great right now. But if you're new I'd go for cash flow and with places you're already familiar. 

Florida is blowing up dude. Take Orlando for example.. nearly 5 billion dollars of commercial investment is under construction RIGHT NOW, not including the THOUSANDS of new home sales that is going on, all the while, existing home sales are still appreciating. It's remarkable here. Other than Miami, I don't think any other city in the South (besides Austin, TX) is poppin like Orlando. 

@Kevin Darrell , I'm not a believer in start in your own backyard.  I certainly get the rationale behind it but, being from the NY Metro area the barriers to entry are so high with the cap rates so low that it just does not make sense for me.  

That said, without a solid property management team don't jump into anything too quick outside of your own backyard.  I really heavily on mine and would not be able to be in real estate without them.

Just throwing in another perspective :)

Out of the choices, I like Florida, but here is my favorite:  Texas

Check out how big Collin and Denton Counties are projected to be in 35 years.

@Kevin Darrell I understand you need to pick one market to get your start in. But for a more long term goal you could invest in all of them. Diversifying your portfolio is a great strategy to minimize your risk. My plans are to get 2-5 properties in 3-4 different markets across the nation.

@Levi Bennett

 I was in Austin this last week for SXSW and seriously it reminded me so much of our market here. They literally have a big thorton park/colonial town that is just booming with cats doing exactly what we are! My uber driver was an investor friendly realtor and I made him drive me around and look at all the cool reno's. I got some good ideas on outside design from those awesome cowboy hipsters. 

Too vague of a question.  You need to specify what your goals are.  Buy and hold, fix and flip.???

@Kevin Darrell ,

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Everyone says "your own backyard"

I don't see how that is possible starting out with only 40k in the San Jose market in CA.

I don't know where to start unless I go out of state. I am looking for buy and hold or fix/flip.

For cash flow from those cities, I like Indianapolis. 

@Kevin Darrell  I am just a newbie here--and perhaps should not replying to a thread over a year old--but it seems most of the best markets for investing seem to be in the Southeast. This is just my observation from listening to podcasts and forum reading. I notice that investors from CA will buy a huge apartment complex in TX, AR, or TN, but you don't see an investor from those states buying big in more expensive markets. Maybe it's the mild winters or the lower prices compared to the West and Northeast.

Of those five cities, I would investigate TN or IN with only $40K to work with. 

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