What do you use for your business address?

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I'm paying $300/year for my UPS box, which is listed as my business' address. The UPS store owner said that after this year renewal, he's raising the prices. It's expensive.

I was reading about USPS street addressing. Does anyone use this for their business' address? I saw on the form that you're not supposed to do that...so this makes me hesitant:


I'd like to save some money if possible. Suggestions on alternatives from UPS are welcome!

We use a local mail station, about half the price of UPS and they guarantee no price increase as long as we keep renewing yearly.

I found a local small town post office, 35 dollars a year.   :)    

@Vivianne Salazar

So then you use the "Street Addressing" feature? Or just a PO Box? In Maryland at least, you can't use a PO Box for your business mailing address. 

That's why I'm curious if anyone uses the "Street Addressing".

@Nicole W.

 It is just like a UPS store.  If you do a map search of "mailbox" in your area hopefully there should be a few in town for you.  There used to be a lot of Mailboxes Etc. in our area but they are gone so we use The Mail Station.  We like the personalized service and having someone being there to sign for items that need a signature upon delivery.  

@Nicole W. Any luck with finding an alternate for us Marylanders?  I did see some virtual sites/services offering physical addresses however by the time you pay the forwarding fees and sign up costs your pretty much back to UPS prices.  At that point I'd prefer to my 24 hour UPS mailbox access anyway.  


Originally posted by @Nicole W.:

@Vivianne S.

 What is a mail station? Different than the post office?

@Rod Fisher

So then you use the "Street Addressing" feature? Or just a PO Box? In Maryland at least, you can't use a PO Box for your business mailing address. 

That's why I'm curious if anyone uses the "Street Addressing".

I use po box for everything. I don't want rent checks and legal documents in a mailbox on the street.  PO box is more secure.  Also no disgruntled x renter (for what ever reason) Has easy access to my personal address. .  

In Maryland, we can't use a PO Box as our official business address. If I could, it'd be much easier and cheaper. :-)

@Andrew Michael

So far, I found a place called Parcel Plus in Ellicott City (closest to my house) that does a small mailbox for $21/month. You pay in at least 3 month increments and it kinda sounds like the price per month is locked in for as long as you pay. I want to clarify if the price would stay locked in if I pay up front for a year and "renew" before that year lapses. 

My other option is to tell my UPS store about the price at Parcel Plus and see if they'll match it. Keep in mind, we MD businesses will have to pay the $50 or so fee to update the address with our business records.

Thank you, @Vivianne Salazar ! I searched "mailboxes" like you said and found Parcel Plus.

@Nicole W. you're welcome!  Glad it worked out.  We used to have a PO Box but prefer our new mailbox now especially since we got a good deal.  The owner quoted us on an old fee for the small box then realized he was out of the small boxes so gave us the free upgrade.  That's why I like dealing with the small business owners.

Prior to opening our office we also used a ups store.

I currently use USPS.  I write the post office address with Suite # then my PO Box number.  It says that cannot be done for business in the paperwork.  I asked the lady at the post Office and she said you're not supposed to; I asked what will happen to my mail and she implied I'd get it in my box with no issues.  First thing I did once I got the box was write myself some envelopes with the address and had no issues.  As of now I've had no issues, but I'm not getting a high volume of mail, mainly return mailers.  

@Adrian Smude

So you basically use the "street addressing" option that some USPS places offer anyway. Well, yesterday, I went to two different post offices. The first place had no idea what I was talking about when I asked about their "street addressing" service. I even showed them the link and they still were clueless. I went to another nearby post office, and they knew exactly what I meant.

I filled out the usual PO Box paperwork as well as a couple other short forms for the street addressing and "signature on file." I asked if this was okay to use for my business and she said "yeah, no problem!" I also noticed the paperwork was not the same as I've see online and made no mention at all of not being able to use it as my business' principle address on file. I was so happy. $80 for the year compared to $250-$300? I'll take it!

@Nicole W.yes that's what I am using at my local post office.  That's great you found an office that knows what you're talking about and actually helped you!  Great savings!  

Now I just have to finish changing my address with everything lol

@Nicole W. Thanks so much for the tip.  Unfortunately I paid the whole year upfront for the discount so I will have to revisit this at the end of my agreement.  Figures lol as I just had 500 door hangers, 1000 business cards, etc made with that address on it.  I love it!

Nicole W. So you stopped using your ups mailbox and started using usps street address format, for you business address. I need to start one or the other but I am scared to use the usps street address b/c it says in my paper work "You may not use the street address option as your physical residence or place of business in legal documents." Which would be LLC paperwork. Correct?????? Just asking different opinions b/c $80yr is a big difference from $300yr. What kind of trouble would someone get in if someone found out i was using a po box as business address.

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