Is bigger pockets pro worth it?

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What are the benefits of being a pro member for $40 month? What service do I get beyond the free forums?

YES! It is worth it.

The greatest benefit that I get out of it is the Rental Property Analysis feature. While it is possible to run the numbers on properties by hand, lets be honest, it takes some time.  The BP system is easy to use, very effective, and presents the product/numbers in an easy to understand format. The PRO feature has also helped me connect with more investors in my local area.  Highly recommended especially when starting out and wanting to analyze a lot of properties fast.

Definitely worth it and the tools are just the beginning.  At local meetings, the BP Pros seem to hang out together, recognizing each other through the posts that are created and their activity as well as the extra status.  Pros seem to do business with other pros.  

Not only do you get great tools, but it's a bit of status recognition that you're serious about what you do - so serious that you're willing to invest some money towards making the connections necessary to push yourself forward.

On top of it, paying for the system that enables you to get where you are and will propel you forward is just good manners.

Absolutely worth it.

First, buy an annual subscription. They are $290 if you pay all at once, and the annual memberships are rising on 11/15/17, per @Joshua Dorkin 's email that just went out this morning...if you sign up before the increase, you'll be grandfathered in at $290 for next year.

You'll have access to the marketplace, as well as a private Pro member forum. You can save as many files as you want, run as many analyses as you want with the BP tools, and other "superpowers" as @Brandon Turner puts it.

Others are more likely to take you seriously if you have a Pro membership as well. Look at is as an investment in yourself.

Ok, I'll go the other way here.  Not worth it in my opinion.  I have my own analysis tools I've built and refined over the years, so I don't use those.  The Pro only forum rarely has anything useful in it and I own enough units that I don't need the Pro tag to have credibility.  I'm always surprised to see people with a Pro tag posting that they are newbies and need advice on how to get started.  So what is it exactly that makes you a Pro?

I won't be renewing mine when it expires and I think it's pretty greedy that they are raising the price on something that has so little value.

That's my $0.02.

Depends on what you are trying to do and where you're trying to go @Shawn M.

When making purchase decisions, I always ask myself if it will matter in 5 yrs. Hopefully $300-$480/yr won't adversely impact your financial future, making you destitute :) Same goes for ROI. Will I get a return on those dollars? If you won't be analyzing tons of properties or don't care to be able to watch past webinars, it may not matter much.

New people wanting every available tool to them or members looking to grow their business in some way will probably benefit.

I am neither, so I remain an average schmuck and let my stats do the talking for credibility.  All pro means is that you are a paying member and everybody knows that so I don't believe the 'it gives you credibility' argument.

It's also harder to give someone a reality check with a bunch of titles or pro after your name.  I can be an equal opportunity offender as an average schmuck :)

I don't know if it's worth it for the additional tools, I recently upgraded and haven't used any of the benefits. The reason I upgraded was simply because BP by far earned it. Sure I could use the site forever, for free, and continue to allow it make me a lot of money but I decided to give back for no other reason than as a thank you. They have made me money, and really close friendships, and a secure future and I didn't have to pay a dime. I feel (happily) indebted to this place.

Yes BP Pro is worth it. The free version is worth voluntarily paying ~$300/year.

Watch the last webinar from Brandon Turner and get the 20% off code, takes it to < $250/year now and in the future! I was on the fence for a while but finally bought it for the tools and the community. The tools alone save me hours of brain numbing spreadsheet work and formatting, I can and have printed multiple deals to show to my partner to justify the next investment (the wife, she ain’t happy nobody is), and to agree it’s another reply, if you’ve gotten ANY value from BP in your time here don’t you think it’s fair to contribute to the community we all turn to that answers our questions and keeps us out of trouble?!

Don't kid yourself about "supporting BP"  They make plenty off the advertising they sell.  Maybe in the early days that wasn't the case, but with the traffic they have now, they will have no problem keeping the lights on.

Now if by paying for a Pro membership they removed all advertising for me, that might be something I would consider.  However, I doubt they would entertain that because my page views are worth far more as advertising traffic than the Pro membership fee.

Sign up now before they raise the price!!

Hey @Wade Sikkink is there any other analysers our there that you would recommend, aside from what you've designed for your needs.  my only interest in their property analysers.  If I use them, do I own their rights?  This is helpful when presenting to investors and my current ones aren't as beautifully laid out as the BP ones.  Thanks!

@Jason D. Lewis So far I just invest for myself, so I don't need any fancy reports.  There aren't any other tools I can recommend.  Sorry.

@Shawn M. It is completely beneficial. It is one of the best tools to help you learn real estate and help if you have questions for your own properties. The amount they ask for the yearly fee is nothing for the rewards your are reaping, in regards to the stories you hear about people paying thousands for a real estate guru. The calculators have so much information to give you for multiple different real estate transactions. Without it it limits you on the cite as well. 

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