Hello BP family,

I recently joined BP and I am truly grateful for the surplus of information it has, tools etc.

With that said, I right now am looking to network and partner with any individuals who are a part of the Fortune Builders Mastery group.

I do not want to turn this into a debate of whether Mastery worth it or not....there are other threads to post your opinion on.

I am seeking to network with current students who recently joined.

Simply put I am looking to have my first few deals and I believe in the system that mastery provides (again individuals with opinions....telling me I can find everything I need here on BP please PM privately with that type of advice).

I believe I will bring value into the partnership, I have most of the pieces of the puzzle connected...Finding deals, putting in offers, evaluating deals, working with contractors to get estimates and bids, lenders to finance the deals, etc.

I am seeking one or two templates from the scope of work to assist with rehabbing the kitchens of my upcoming rehabs, and the 12 documents used to the contractors.

Of course we will sign JV agreements, and I am willing to split the profit 50/50, even though I am doing majority of the leg work.

Thus, we all win.

If this sounds like something that interests you or you know someone in the South Florida are who is a Mastery student please PM me or respond here so we can connect.

Thanks for reading.

And please again there are enough threads with opinions about Fortune Builders, "guru" programs, etc...I know most people here are against guru programs which is ok....everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions which I respect but I don't want this thread to take that direction. 

I want to simply network, which why most of us are on this forum.

I appreciate all you guys.

Lets' make 2018 our best year yet.

I look forward to hearing from everyone.