Self Employed Tax Savings & Use For Future Real Estate Investing

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I am looking for financial tips for my particular situation....

I am a firefighter and also a self employed business owner. I work full time as a firefighter in Miami working my normal 24hrs on, 48hrs off. I also work as a mortgage loan originator. I left a company in December that paid me as a W2 employee originating loans. Now I am paid as a 1099 Self Employed since then. I have established an LLC and business checking/savings.

As for retirement, I earn a pension when I retire, I currently max out my deferred compensation plan (457b) with 18,500 a year and just recently opened up a Personal Roth IRA with intentions to max out with income made from loan origination but put it on hold until I can figure the best situation for what I am trying to accomplish.

The income I earn from originating loans is what I would like to use to invest in real estate whether it be for down payment/closing costs/rehab or simply to buy cash not sure yet. 

However, for the time being I would like some suggestions as to where I should place my money for the sake of tax burden being self employed and having access to the money. I am married with no kids and both my wife and I file jointly and claim "0" for our W4 as she works as a teacher. 

Any income earned from my self employment is 100% disposable therefor its what will fund buying real estate for me. I would like to tap into whatever is recommended for me to place the money when the time comes to purchase real estate. I am still building the business and trying to grow it but if helps any decision making, so far YTD for 2018 I have earned 55k paid as 1099 SE.

Can I get some suggestions on what I should do given my scenario? I have looked into opening SEP IRA's, Individual 401(k), Roth IRA's, Solo 401(k)'s all in my business name and every choice seems to have great opportunities and all are better than my money sitting in my bank account. It is only myself as an employee and have no plans to add anyone else to the business other than maybe my spouse. 

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated as I know there are members on this forum that have extensive knowledge so thank you in advance!

@Jason Stern - self-employed income is taxed pretty heavily. Be sure to take advantage of any write offs you can to reduce your tax burden. Even still, depending on your tax bracket, I would recommend putting 30%-45% of your 1099 income in a risk free savings account that you will use for any taxes you owe. I like to be over conservative here because having extra money left over after taxes will put you in a much better position than not having enough. 

As for the rest of your 1099 income that you seek to use for real estate, I would suggest one of two things: 

1) Put it in an index fund OR

2) Put it in a savings account a bond index fund

The reason why I believe these are your two best options is that it sounds like you want to access this money in the short to medium term (within the next 5 years). 

The market will act like the wind. If the market increases, it will be a tailwind and allow you to achieve that down payment quicker. However, if it declines in the next couple of years, it will act as a headwind and slow you down. 

If you believe that the market will increase between now and when you plan to take cash out to invest, then I would recommend going with option #1. Put your money in Vanguard (VTSAX) or perhaps a roboadvisor such as Betterment or Wealthfront. 

If you are a bit more conservative and believe the market will decline, then I recommend putting it somewhere safe. T-Bills or a savings account.

Hope this helps and Good luck!!

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