I talk with Realtors and investors daily.

One topic that I like to discuss is using interactive virtual tours (iVT) for Investment Properties (iP). 

The first thought is always, "not worth it".  I disagree.

If you focus your thought on time and qualified buyers, an iVT of an iP will filter out buyers that are not seriously interested in the property in its condition before they even dial.  When an inquiry for a property is recieved after viewing the iVT, the buyer is already totally aware of the actual appearance of the interior, and is obviously going to be more interested than someone who has not seen the iVT.

An iVT will reduce or eliminate wasted visits to show a property to an investor with higher expectations than what is actually behind the lockbox. It will turn around the buyers who expect to see fresh paint, beautiful wood floors, straight cabinets, and clean baseboards. 

Only buyers that are actually interested in the iP will contact you after seeing the iVT.

Floor Plans.  Who has time or money to invest in having "as-built" floor plans made for an iP?  My response to this is focused on the buyer.  The buyer will want floor plans, wether or not they ask for them, they want them because they are a major help to nearly every aspect of a propert investment or renovation project.  If you can provide accurate measurements, area calculations, and floor plans, you can give that buyer most of the information they need to estimate a renovation before the sale, giving you once again, a more qualified buyer.  Professional Floor Plans also give you market leverage, because most iP sellers won't have them, and understandably will often refuse investing in having them done.   

What if you could have them done, along with professional room measurements, floor area calculations, photos, a 3d iVT, and easy to use marketing materials, all for less than what it costs to have just the floor plans drafted?   Well, that's what some have called a "no brainer".  

So, yeah, an interactive virtual tour of an investment property could be your time machine, pre-qualifier, and market leverage tool, but only if you wnt to save time, money, and get more qualified buyer's.

The alternative remains the same as it has been for more then a decade.

Pointless visits to show an iP to a buyer that is looking for more than what the iP offers.  Lots of abandoned return calls and email responses about the iP. Time and lost billable hours wasted on working with potential buyers that keep pestering you for questions and info that could easily be answered with a single iVT.  I guess some people just like it that way.

I'm not one of them.

Illness whatever I need to use to get greater leverage in the market, to connect with more qualified and screened buyers, and to save time and money.

What are your thoughts?