Hi guys! I'm new at real estate investment. Started a year ago and now I own a 7 doors.

I would like to accelerate the pace but something blocks me. It's not the cash-down (that is a problem that I can deal with). What blocks me is the fact that for the moment, I work at a job that doesn't pay much. About 17$CAD per hour.

Even if I makes my homework and do everything I can to buy good and secure deals, I find it unsafe to grow fast. The first year and second years seem to be really costly. There are the welcome taxes (called Taxes de mutation where I come from), the little-medium-big repairs to do, cleaning up the tenants if needed and more.

I know I can help myself with some cash that I have in my bank account, but I would prefer to not touch it. So there is credit cards or small loans left. I know it will all repay later because my financial analysis are really good. The problem here is that with my small salary, I can't get much from loans and credits.

Is there someone here who already was in my situation and figured out how to grow fast with a small income? Or maybe you guys have tips?