I'm considering investing in a sober home. I've got some questions fellow Austinites/Texans/Recovery Home investors could be really useful in figuring out. I have a sense of what I'm looking at re:managment issues and some industry vets who will be helpful there. But not so many connections who own and take active management roles in these places. Here are the questions:
1. Structure you used for your sober home? 

2. Did you use grant funding? Or rental assistance from the city/state of any kind for clients?

3. Demand is outrageous. This would be an evidence-based spot. Clients can follow any program they like, but the area I'm looking at is SUPER 12-step dominated. This is the opposite. Clients who want to work 12-step programs may, but aren't required to.

4. Tips on partnering with local organizations and sourcing clients in an ethical way.

5. Why do so many sober house owners LEASE these places? Is this just because they don't have capital? That's not the situation I'm in. My partner and I are looking to just pay the damn mortgage on a multi-family unit that would be badass to own as a conventional rental even if it weren't going to become a sober house.

6. Neighbor management. Looking at non-HOA areas, but if neighbors aren't fans--how did you handle it?

7. Narcan will be on site, but I'm also trying to think of any unexpected **** to expect.

8. It's my understanding a sober house is totally unregulated in the Lone Star State. Is this completely accurate? This kind of goes back to my question about grant eligibility.

There's so much more, but those are some starting points that I'd be grateful if anyone could speak to. I did read @Dave Van Horn 's helpful article, and plan to listen to his episode of the BP podcast too.