I need several things, and I am stopping here first to ask my friends if you could help me, at least point me in the right direction.

1. I need a really good financial person. That is someone who can help me take care of and maximize my cash flow, specifically one who specializes in investments.

2. I could probably find this myself, but a multifamily property, preferably seller financed, of 4 or greater units. 4 units and I can do a federal loan since I plan on living on property.

3. Investors or investment strategies for coming up with a down payment in case seller financing is unavailable. All suggestions on this are highly welcome.

4. Really good mortgage company, one specifically tailored to commercial apartments. Most mortgage companies will let me do a government loan if it’s 4 units or less, so here I’m really only looking for the commercial side.

5. I’m slightly confused on what kind of lawyer would be best for investment properties. A business lawyer, an estate lawyer? Also some suggestions on really great lawyers are helpful.

6. If you can’t tell by now I am seriously thinking of investing into a multifamily estate, both as a means to live, and to generate cash flow. Prior to getting my real-estate license, I was involved in property management. Now while that means I have all the basic skills and experience needed, I am always open to more learning suggestions in this area of real-estate. So any classes, or learning material you can suggest would be really appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond. — looking for recommendations.