Been a little while since I have posted. So flip number 3 is mid way through, but I I have a feeling it won’t be done till mid September. Still have some things to do to take care of the exterior and the rehab inside has started. Still trying to find the balance with affordability and time. Though I had found a good handyman and his crew, but seems they are having some internal reorganization in progress. Will keep updating and posting the project via social media.

Trying to close on flip number 4, but waiting on the sellers to all sign paperwork required for the title company. Have an appointment with a new GC to see if he can figure out an affordable solution to the slop in the kitchen.

Just a quick recap both these deals I found off market. One by cold calling and the other buy just driving to check on the past project. Always keeps your eyes open to spot the next deal.

Have a house under contract to close end of the month. This is the second time it’s gone under contract. Fingers crossed this time it closes. Fist seller backed out after repairs were made that they wanted. Go figure right.

Well hope this little story give hope to someone starting new, or maybe it may interest a new potential future partner. Either way, wish good fortune to all in their pursuit of Finacial freedom.