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Advice on home purchase

Posted Sep 18 2019, 20:42

I'm looking at my options and have several ways to go about buying my next rental home. I already talked to the banks already too but just really minor as of now.

I have 1 duplex home paid off and 1 single home with just a little under 20k left. Keep in mind that my personal income is limited right now so getting a loan might be harder. I would have to find some way to cash out homes.

Option 1) With my income from rentals in both single and duplex along with what I'm paying now, the home would be paid off by June 2020. Save up for another 2 years then put down payment on new rental home.

Option 2) Keep the rental income for emergencies. Do a HELOC to purchase another rental home.

Option 3) Refinance home to purchase a new rental.

Option 4) Contact PML that would be willing to work with me.

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