Can you invest with as little as $10k

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Hello! It is entirely possible to start investing with 10k. There are apps like fundrise that you can invest in shares or part of a real estate fund, you could purchase a property and live in flip. You could potentially find a seller financing deal with little or no money down on it. There are a variety of different paths just do some research and see what the best fit is for you!

Originally posted by @Marduk Mooshoolzadeh :

I have about $10k saved and have been very interested in investing in property or somehow getting a mentor on how to invest my money. Is it possible to start with $10k?

 Yes, it is possible to start with $10K. Pretty much any avenue I would want to investigate would take more money, though. I would wait, start going to local real estate association meetings, look hard for people to help you.

Originally posted by @Marduk Mooshoolzadeh :

@Jim K.

Do I just google real estate associations to get started? How exactly would I get started in obtaining information on the path I would like to pursue?

Marduk, you're going to need to get a whole lot more self-starter in you than you currently have to do well in real estate. Are you honestly asking me what you should google to find a local real estate association? What are you going to ask me next? How to hang your toilet paper?

@Jim K.

That’s exactly the reason I’m on here, to understand the different avenues one can take in the broad real estate field. I’m coming here with zero knowledge on this field and want to get into it and you’re going to poke fun at my lack of knowledge?

@Marduk Mooshoolzadeh

You can get educated for free or very little money. Read BP guide to getting started, read books, network with people, attend webinars, save more money. The right path will become clear. Learning takes time, not money. RE investing is very broad, lots of different assets and strategies. I started with 25k and I have transformed my networth and quit my day job in under 3 years.

@Marduk Mooshoolzadeh

I believe it is certainly attainable! I purchased my first rental in 2017 with $17k down on a sub $100k property. I've seen many on this platform do it with way less.

If it were me, I would take that 10k and try to double it in a years time via buying and flipping cars and goods. I still do that today because its fun!

Originally posted by @Marduk Mooshoolzadeh :

@Jim K.

That’s exactly the reason I’m on here, to understand the different avenues one can take in the broad real estate field. I’m coming here with zero knowledge on this field and want to get into it and you’re going to poke fun at my lack of knowledge?


There are five tabs on the top of your screen. The first is "Forums." The second is "Education."

Under the second tab, there are three subcategories: read, watch, listen.

Under the read tab, there are six guides. There are 834 member blog posts. Then there is the Bigger Pockets Blog with 785 pages of posts.

Under the watch tab, there is a place to register for the free webinars. There is the video library. There is a four-part free video course.

Under the listen tab, there's the regular podcast, with 357 podcasts, the Money show, with 100 podcasts, and the Business Podcast, with 31 podcasts. All free.

Yet here you are, asking me to teach you how to find your local real estate associations, then complaining about your hurt feelings when I object to your reticence to explore the wide-ranging intellectual possibilities of searching the World Wide Web by yourself to do so.

Go get some big-boy pants out of your closet and put them on, Marduk. Because this won't do.

@Jim K.

Not hurt feelings, was just not expecting that kind of a response from someone on here BUT, I do see where you’re going. You’re teaching me to be more self sufficient because in real estate investing you’re not going to get hand outs right?

I will look into each of those tabs that you listed.

Do you have any suggestions for informative podcasts outside of BP?

@Marduk Mooshoolzadeh

I certainly do.

I would suggest listening to the podcasts on financial independence. For more real estate knowledge, I cannot recommend a full series, but I can certainly steer you away from one: don't believe anything Clayton Morris of the Morris Invest podcast says.

You can start with 10k .. but your one hiccup away from losing everything right out of the gate ! Build some reserves for safety along with that 10k ... then start 

@Marduk Mooshoolzadeh

I was recently in a very similar situation. You have taken an excellent first step, that is too acknowledge that you don't know what you don't know. We have all been there. You're simply more of a planner. Don't let that stop you from:

Learning how to analyze deals

Making a list of your short them & long term real estate goals

Listen to the BP Podcasts

Assess your financial situation (is your Debt to income ratio to high, is it a Good ideas to start investing? Do you have a great credit score to get loans)

How will you aquire property?

Which market (With 10k, you may have to leave LA and do Arkansas for example)

Are there properties I can purchase for less than $5-$7k down, will the remainder cover everything else?

Can I partner with someone?

Like you I joined BP to learn and in my case I used the 10k to pay off a personal loan to decrease my DTI and increase my monthly meet income, providing a greater cushion to invest.

Action items for you:

Listen to all BP podcasts & take notes.

Read the books mentioned by the hosts and guests ( Hoopla let's you borrow ebooks from a local library, gratis - use this because your taxes are paying for it)

Write down your goals and read them regularly

Added finances

Choose a real estimate investment strategy

Find a market that supports that strategy

Analyze at least 50 deals in that market

Re-evaluate your goals and strategy

Meanwhile your attending Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) meetups and networking, building your core four (RE Agent, Property Manager, General Contractor, Loan Broker/Banking/Lenders)

There are more but I think this novel is a good starting point, let us know if you have any questions.

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