Yes!!!! It’s been a long time coming! But not really... I’ve been working really hard to get everything off the ground with my new endeavor and Real Estate investing business.

After nearly 2 years of self education in REI, I have now established my business, defined my business plan and business strategies, and am now about to start making offers on a few properties. I'm pumped up... last night, I was leaving Lowe's Hardware after getting a few bolts to hang a TV. I was getting in the car and saw a man leaving Lowe's with a for sale by owner sign. My instincts kicked in. I went to the guy, introduced myself, asked what he was selling... and turned out to be a 3 bed 2 bath house nearly $50k under market. Talk about a lucky first lead!

I started out educating myself by reading nearly every book I could find on real estate. Along with the other self development and business books, I completed 63 in one year. I learned about all I could with REI and how I could get started, and that's where I learned as much as I could about wholesaling, contract assignments, BRRR method, buy and holds, and so forth. And now, some year and a few months later, I have now established my entity/LLC as ClearVision Property Investors. I outsourced as much as I could because I am a full time General Manager which is very time consuming. I was able to have a designer design my logo, shout out to Fiverrr, and business cards. My marketing kit is nearly complete with all credibility packets almost done for sellers, buyers and investors, bandit signs, website design and Facebook business pages are almost done. Carrot might have me sold on their services. I've spent hundreds of dollars out of pocket now meeting with attorneys, looking over contracts, discussing the business, and so forth. Got some great agents I'm working with so far, and always looking for more professionals to network with, including lending professionals, investors, contractors, etc. I've got landscape and general contractors on my team, painters....

I think we are ready! I’m very excited to finally have the skills, education and courage to start on this endeavor and I can not wait to see the fruit that will bear.

How was your first contract experience? How did it turn out? How did you track down your first leads? I’d love to hear about some of your experiences!